Google bring Deskbar search to Windows desktop. Now any website can take advantage of this search technology.

Written by Michael Ginzburg

Google's premier of desktop search proves thatrepparttar desktop is an extremely valuable marketing real estate. Google, which holds about 75% ofrepparttar 128316 Internet search market, just introduced "Deskbar" a small desktop application that allows users to search Google directly from their desktops. Google currently rulesrepparttar 128317 Internet, but positioning themselves onrepparttar 128318 desktop gives themrepparttar 128319 power to rule not onlyrepparttar 128320 Internet, but alsorepparttar 128321 entire personal computer.

Unlike other interactive marketing avenues, such as website and email,repparttar 128322 desktop is virtually free of advertisements and promotional materials. The desktop is competitor free and just waiting to be claimed.

The advantages of desktop search are not limited to Google and their major search engine competitors though. Any website with search technology can take advantage of this new marketing channel including e-commerce and shopping websites, reference sites, online magazines and news sites, and more.

So, if you have content on your site that visitors or clients are interested in searching through on a regular basis, what better way to keep them coming back for more than offering them a desktop search tool? If you could offer them a useful downloadable desktop search application, you could ensure that they will remember you and search your site before your competitors.

Developing a desktop search tool yourself would be quite costly. Luckily, there is a ready-made desktop search tool that can be customized to work with any website's search.

Improve your Website Through the Proper use of Tags, Alt Tags, & Attributes in Links

Written by Richard Zwicky

Improve Your Web Site Through The Proper Use Of Tags, Alt Tags & Attributes In Links By Richard Zwicky

Improved web design, and search engine performance all in one easy step! Believe it or not, it is possible, easy, and really straightforward. There are 3 extremely useful tags and attributes that most people overlook, or do not take advantage of properly. Theses are alt tags, title attributes in links and tags.

The reason you want to spend some time focusing on these 3 facets of your web site is simple. Two of them makerepparttar web site easier to understand and navigate, for people andrepparttar 128315 search engines. The third one is much cleaner thanrepparttar 128316 tags, and it works really well for key phrases and terms withinrepparttar 128317 search engines. This article deals withrepparttar 128318 merits and value of each of these mostly misused, or ignored opportunities.

Alt Tags The first opportunity isrepparttar 128319 one that is most often used, and misused: The alt tag. Alt tags are comments that should be used whenever you add a graphic, or image to a web page. Pictures are worth a thousand words to you and me, but zero to a search engine. An alt tag should be a little bit of short, descriptive text which helps any user (and search engine) understand whatrepparttar 128320 reference is pointing to. If you are not aware of what an alt tag looks like, here's an example:

The code to make this banner appear is as follows.

Metamend Search Engine Optimization Service

When you move your mouse overrepparttar 128321 graphic, words appear. The words tell people whatrepparttar 128322 graphic refers to, what it is about, and where it leads to. Internally, if you had a hardware store, you could use an image of a power tool link to a "tools" section, withrepparttar 128323 words "Tools & Power Tools" inrepparttar 128324 alt tag. It may be obvious, but most people don't take advantage of this opportunity. Most people don't even have alt tags attached to their images, or have alt tags that look like this - alt="" - not much good, they're blank. That's allrepparttar 128325 search engines, and some old web browsers will see - blank space.

Alt tags also afford you an opportunity to giverepparttar 128326 search engines more meaningful content to work with. If you have a graphics rich web site, there's very little to no text forrepparttar 128327 search engine spiders to use to analyze your site. If you attach a relevant alt tag to each image however,repparttar 128328 search engines will read them as your textual content, and your web site will show up in relevant searches. Even if your website is content rich,repparttar 128329 alt tags allow you to reinforce what is highly important,repparttar 128330 key terms, withinrepparttar 128331 content. Here'srepparttar 128332 key - use relevant terms. Don't just put "About Us" Use descriptive key terms, such as "About Acme Power Tools".

Tags Next, we haverepparttar 128333 tags. Often, when web designers are building pages they use tags, and to emphasizerepparttar 128334 page heading, and subheadings for each section. Whenever you getrepparttar 128335 chance, use tags instead. There are 5 different tags. The largest two -


should be used forrepparttar 128336 major title on each page, and thenrepparttar 128337 next three -



for subheadings. The smallest one,
will look just like regular bold text on a page.

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