Google Sitemaps Explained - How To Use Google Sitemaps

Written by Titus Hoskins

Three Ways To Index Your Site With Google Sitemaps [Difficult, Hard, And Easy]

Google has recently implemented a program where any webmaster can create a Sitemap of their site and submit it for indexing by Google. It is a quick and easy way for you to keep your site constantly indexed and updated in Google.

The program is appropriately called Google Sitemaps.

In order for you to best use Sitemaps, you must have an XML generated file on your site that will transmit or send any updates, changes, and data to Google. XML (Extensible Markup Language)is everywhere these days, you have probably seenrepparttar orange XML logo on many web sites and its often associated with Blogging because Blogs use XML/RSS feeds to syndicate their content.

Today RSS is known mostly as 'Really Simple Syndication' but its original acronym stood for 'Rich Site Summary'. XML is only simple code like HTML and it is used to syndicate your content to all interested parties.

Andrepparttar 149343 interested party in this case is Google. By creating Sitemaps, Google is really asking webmasters to take charge of repparttar 149344 indexing and updating of their sites. Basically, doing repparttar 149345 Googlebot's job!

This is a 'Good' thing! Withrepparttar 149346 steady influx of new web sites growing rapidly, indexing all this material will become a challenge, even withrepparttar 149347 resources of Google. With Sitemaps, websmasters can now take charge and make sure their site is crawled and indexed.

Please note, indexing your site with Sitemaps WON'T improve your rankings in Google. You will still be competing withrepparttar 149348 other sites in Google for top positions. But with Sitemaps you can make sure all your pages are crawled and indexed quickly by Google.

There are some other big advantages of using Google's Sitemaps - mainly you have control over a few key variables, attributes or tags. To explain this as simply as possible, your XML powered sitemap file will have this simple code for each page of your site:

< url> < loc>< / loc> < priority>1.0< /priority> < lastmod>2005-07-03T16:18:09+00:00< /lastmod> < changefreq>daily< /changefreq> < /url>

Along with 'urlset' tags atrepparttar 149349 beginning and end of your code, and an XML version indication - that's basically your XML file! File size will depend onrepparttar 149350 number of webpages you have.

Taking a closer look at this XML file:

location - - name of your webpage

priority - you setrepparttar 149351 priority you want Google to place on that page in your site. You can prioritize your pages: 0.0 beingrepparttar 149352 least, 1.0 beingrepparttar 149353 highest, 0.5 is inrepparttar 149354 middle. This is ONLY relative to your site. It will not affect your rankings. Why is this important? You have certain pages on your site that are more important than others, (home page, high profit page, opt-in page, etc.) by placing high priority on these pages, you will increase their importance in Google.

last modified - when you last modified that page, this timestamp allows crawlers to avoid recrawling pages that haven't changed.

change frequency - you can tell Google how often you change that particular page. Never, weekly, daily, hourly, and so on - if you frequently update your page this could be extremely important.

Why do I need a XML Generator?

In order for this XML sitemap file on your site to be constantly updated, you need a Generator that will spider your site, list allrepparttar 149355 urls and automatically feed them to Google. Thus constantly updating your site in Google's massive index or database. Keep in mind, Google also gives yourepparttar 149356 option of submitting a simple text file with all your URLs.

Effective Freebies On Your Website

Written by Bartek Roszak

Howrepparttar Importance of Free Item Quality can affect any business...

Too many times on website I go on, I see old/outdated free items which can be found all overrepparttar 145649 web. It’s thought of a simple solution to attract traffic, but whatrepparttar 145650 Internet Marketing Guru’s like Corey Rudl won’t tell you is that your product has to have quality, not something that can be found easily on other sites. You can use Resell Pal’s huge library of new products to offer something unique and something that can turn your customers into a sale. Giving awayrepparttar 145651 right targeted freebies to your visitors isrepparttar 145652 lightning fast way to profits.

People will easily judge that if your bonus product is bogus or something that can be found anywhere else, they will immediately thinkrepparttar 145653 same about your actual product up for sale.

Your product has to solve an IMMEDIETE problem, it can’t berepparttar 145654 first chapter of something or a preview of something, and if it can solve a problem it can get you sales for your main product to solve even more problems.

You have to providerepparttar 145655 right type of targeted product to your market, by that I mean if you were operating a fitness website you would give them something like “3 Minute Exercises that will lead to instant weight loss” not “How to profit off of MLM schemes”.

Another thing is that your product should have value, for example a website template business would give away one or two premium templates that would cost regularly as much as $60 to $100 each, by doing so you are really surprising your potential customer, you are pushing there hot buttons basically.

By Giving away true quality your customer will think ofrepparttar 145656 Real product of yours as literally priceless and by doing that you can be making huge amounts of cash onrepparttar 145657 Internet.

Never turn your free product into an advertisement station. Many companies who offer trial versions and samples of their products do this and this adds a huge level of un professionalism torepparttar 145658 product, if your customers see that you are giving them comfort and fun with your bonus item there is doubt they will have second thoughts about buying your product.

People don’t want to see “If you buyrepparttar 145659 full version, you can have this… blah blah blah” inrepparttar 145660 program, this instantly tells them that you want to make money off of them. I understand this is required in some products but avoid it as much as possible or make it as least noticeable as possible.

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