Google Sitemaps – A New Free Google Tool

Written by Halstatt Pires

Google has released another valuable tool for sites. The tool, “Sitemaps”, allows you to notify Google of site updates. As with all Google tools,repparttar service is free.

Sitemaps – What Is It?

Sitemaps is a platform that let’s Webmasters notify Google of, ta da, changes to a site. In creatingrepparttar 143147 tool, Google suggestsrepparttar 143148 tool will let it expand coverage of pages onrepparttar 143149 web and speed uprepparttar 143150 time it takes to index sites. This goal appears to conflict withrepparttar 143151 much discussed Google Sandbox, but there is no harm in using Sitemaps. Sitemaps – Uploading Your Changes

Google provides two methods for using Sitemaps. The first involves creating an xml file on your server. The process is a bit detailed, so it will not be covered in this article. You can find specific instructions at:

Sitemaps – Manual Uploads

Google also provides a method to manually upload site changes. The first step is to create a list ofrepparttar 143152 URL changes using Notepad. For example, we recently changed a number of pages on To use Sitemaps, we would createrepparttar 143153 following list of URLs:

The All New MSN toolbar - Will search trends change?

Written by D.Rhodes

MSN have released their new tool bar for download. Many internet users probably won’t install this bar initially, butrepparttar new toolbar is expected to be included inrepparttar 142833 new release of Internet Explorer 7 (IE7). The new MSN toolbar offers everything we would expect from MSN. You can log into your MSN Messenger account, Hotmail, and quickly post to your MSN Blog Space. Extra features include a pop-up blocker, quick link to MSN today page, news (from MSN) and automated form filling. MSN toolbar also seesrepparttar 142834 inclusion of "tab window" browsing windows a-la FireFox. The toolbar also allows you to search MSN directly fromrepparttar 142835 browser no matter which page you are actively viewing. Withrepparttar 142836 release of IE7, which will includerepparttar 142837 toolbar as standard, can we foresee changes inrepparttar 142838 way that people will search he internet?

Taking into account that a large majority of non-technical users use standard Microsoft installations; will this help MSN make it a greater used search engine than it currently is today? If so, to want detriment to other search engines?

If this isrepparttar 142839 case, there could be a major impact on many internet driven companies and services that rely on search engine leads to exist. Currently,repparttar 142840 major search engine tends to be agreed upon as being Google. As such, many companies use Google to promote their online ventures either by way of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or Pay Per Click leads (PPC).

Currently most users will go to (or local equivalent) and actively search from there. There is a Google Toolbar which can be downloaded and installed, but this takes an effort onrepparttar 142841 side ofrepparttar 142842 user, if you know it exists inrepparttar 142843 first place. Many people, who promote their business online, will be familiar with Google's toolbar, but what you need to ask yourself is how many end users would actively seek out and install it?

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