Google Seo - What To And What Not To Do

Written by Abe Smith

In Google SEO (search engine optimization), you,repparttar webmaster, wage war with Googlebot, Google's listing spider. Only this war has no weapons. Instead it is your content verusesrepparttar 140523 army of Googlebot's other sites to rank.

To win this war there are thingsrepparttar 140524 webmaster must do, and thingsrepparttar 140525 webmaster must not do, should he stand a chance in winningrepparttar 140526 war and claiming a position onrepparttar 140527 top 20 results of Google.

There are many things a webmaster must do to takerepparttar 140528 edge of Googlebot. First and foremost, createrepparttar 140529 website. Let it be something unique, or better thanrepparttar 140530 rest. Add pages on top of pages of content. You could put articles, information, anything. With one exception. It MUST be relevant to your website. After you have about 10 pages worth of content, get some links to your site. Submit to directories, loads of them. Try to submit to directories without a reciporical link requirenment. Also use word-of-mouth advertising to get a view visitors. As soon as you have some links, some visitors, and loads of content, hit your view visitors with a boom. Offer rewards for who could referrepparttar 140531 most members, or who could submitrepparttar 140532 most articles, or anything to promote your site. Also remember to squeese in possible keywords in your content, and DO NOT forget meta tags, they arerepparttar 140533 key to SEO.

10 Ways Writing Articles Can Improve Your Business

Written by Ahmad Munawwar Rahmat

You really must develop your ability in writing articles so you can take advantage of this free advertising media.

Developing this skill is well worth your time since this can result in producing many FREE leads for you inrepparttar long run.

By being able to write your own articles that provide good information which will be helpful to people, you'll find that many targeted websites and ezines are quite willing to publish them.

Here's some simple yet PROVEN ways on how writing articles can improve your business.

1. Submit them to e-zines and web sites for publishing. Include your resource box atrepparttar 140494 end ofrepparttar 140495 article to get free advertising.

2. Combine your articles into a free e-book. You can place your business ad inrepparttar 140496 e-book. Give it away to visitors and allow them to dorepparttar 140497 same to multiply your advertising.

3. Create an article directory on your web site. People will visit your web site to getrepparttar 140498 free information.

4. Submit your articles to print publications that pay for submissions. You can make extra income getting paid as a freelance writer.

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