Google Ranking WITHOUT submitting to Google

Written by Martin Lemieux

A while back, I read an article that explained how to get a good google rating without ever submitting your site to their submission forms. Like you, I was kind of shocked by this statement so I decided to give it a try.

Inrepparttar beginning, I used to submit my site allrepparttar 119380 time to Google but soon realizedrepparttar 119381 magnitude of my failure. Of course, it's a known fact that Google relies solely on your link popularity and content.

Link Popularity? What that means isrepparttar 119382 amount of links ( listed on other sites that are related to yours! The more sites that link to you,repparttar 119383 greater your popularity!

So again, Google depends on your link popularity! If you don't have a google rating (In other words, is your link found on google?) some sites WILL NOT link to yours. There are many sites that have a great google rating and have specific regulations to whom they will accept within their resource sections. They will specify that your site must

be listed within Google and if they type in your site inrepparttar 119384 google search bar, your site should be listed withinrepparttar 119385 top 5 sites.

Here's The Theory:

Of course you want all sites to link to you, especiallyrepparttar 119386 ones who already have a great google rating because that means that your site

will be picked up by google. Some people only try to get links from those sites but just remember, we all had to start somewhere.

My suggestion is to do as many link exchanges as possible and especially make sure that each site is specifically categorized by their content. You will get penalized for having one page full of links to sites that do not relate to each other.

Another little "Timbit", try to keep your pages to 1-20 links within each page. Once you have 20 links, add a button to a (PAGE 2) and continue your resources that way.

Defining the Term of "Link Popularity".

Written by George Papazoglou

In case you are not acquainted withrepparttar term 'Link Popularity', keep in mindrepparttar 119379 following: "Link Popularity isrepparttar 119380 total number of web pages that point links to a related web site".

Now, most beginners wonder; "How can a web master improve his site's link popularity?".

Link Popularity can be enhanced through Reciprocal links, affiliate programs or by using special promotion software that fully automates this process.

Automatingrepparttar 119381 procedure of exchanging reciprocal links, leaves enough time forrepparttar 119382 site owner to boost search engine rankings by simultaneously trading links with tenths, even hundreds of web sites!

Some Noteworthy Resources forrepparttar 119383 "Self-Promoted" Webmaster:

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