Google PageRank: Not Worth The Worry

Written by John Metzler

I notice that a lot of webmasters are obsessed with Google PageRank (Entire sections of SEO forums are even devoted to PR). Web sites do not live and die by their PageRank. A PR 6 web site may rank lower than a site with a PR 5 due to other Search Engine Optimization factors. Search engine results are not proportional to a web site's PageRank value.

The PageRank value is a representation of a web site's internal and external link structure. Internally, your web site's pages should be easily accessible from each other and use anchor text relevant torepparttar theme ofrepparttar 127804 web site. Externally speaking, outbound links should be good quality and/or relevant to your web site's content. And finally, it is widely known that incoming links also contribute quite a bit to PageRank. There is obviously much more to achieving good search engine rankings thatrepparttar 127805 above linking strategies.

With that being said, many webmasters become obsessed withrepparttar 127806 PageRank of their web sites and consider it to berepparttar 127807 bottom line of any search engine marketing campaign. This type of thinking can cloud a much more important issue of whether or notrepparttar 127808 client has seen an improvement in search engine placement and web site traffic. Always base your achievements on specific rankings for keywords that have been well-researched. If you go parading around about achieving a PageRank of 6 for your client, he or she won't care if they aren't seeing a return on their investment, now will they?

META Tags Explained and How To Use Them For Ranking

Written by Frank Kilkelly

The META tags are used to provide extra information about a web page. There was once a time where a good search engine ranking could be achieved by simply changingrepparttar value ofrepparttar 127803 META tags. However these days are long gone. Nowadaysrepparttar 127804 META Tags are decreasing in importance inrepparttar 127805 eyes ofrepparttar 127806 search engines who are using more sophisticated methods of ranking pages (namely link popularity, optimized anchor text).

There are many different types of META tags butrepparttar 127807 one that can affect ranking arerepparttar 127808 Keywords META tag andrepparttar 127809 Description META tag.

Keywords META tag:

This tag contains keywords relevant to a page. Inrepparttar 127810 past search engines referenced this to determine how to rank a particular page. However many people started to abuse this and stuffedrepparttar 127811 tag with keywords that were not relevant torepparttar 127812 content ofrepparttar 127813 page. This confused search engines and subsequently returned weaker search results. To combat this less and less emphasis has been placed onrepparttar 127814 Keywords META tag. However this does not mean that it is entirely useless. Here are some reasons to still include it:

* Some search engines still use it

Although most search engines do not userepparttar 127815 tag there are undoubtedly still some that do. For this reason place around 15-20 keywords relevant to your site or page intorepparttar 127816 tag. Do not attempt to cheatrepparttar 127817 search engines by repeating keywords as this is considered spamming and they may look unfavourably on this.

* Account for misspellings of keyphrases

People can misspell certain keyphrases that you may be optimizing for so it is common to place these misspellings intorepparttar 127818 Keywords META tag. This allows you to rank in search engine results for misspellings without having to represent them onrepparttar 127819 actual content of your page.

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