Google Is Sued By A Very Odd Plaintiff

Written by Bob Cefail

In a major development inrepparttar paid search industry Google is being sued for Click fraud by The accuser is also trying to establishrepparttar 146444 case as a class action suit which can effect tens of thousands of advertisers.

Click Defense alleges that they lost approximately 5 million dollars because Google didn't takerepparttar 146445 basic actions necessary to safeguard

10 Commandments To Maximizing Your Time In Forum Participation

Written by Nelson Tan

1) Gain an idea/keep in touch of what is happening inrepparttar Internet Marketing scene (strategies, product, news).

2) Help others as well as yourself to solve a 'how to' problem whenever it crops up. This applies torepparttar 146443 universal law of "Give before you can receive".

3) Promote your product or other products with your affiliate links when you recommend solutions.

4) Create a sense of trust and bonding among fellow marketers in which real friendship can be establish over time (a sense of belonging).

5) Share and learn from others through a mutual exchange of experience.

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