Google Is Giving Hundreds Of Dollars Away!

Written by Peter Vermeeren

Google Adsense will make you REAL MONEY!

I had heard so many times aboutrepparttar google Adsense Program that I decided a couple of months ago to makerepparttar 141427 step and sign up for a google adsense account. I told myself, It’s free, easy to install so what isrepparttar 141428 worst thing that can happen to me? That I will be wasting my time? Well for little or no effort I was ready to makerepparttar 141429 step

If this google adsense program was going to reduce my website costs or even pay for allrepparttar 141430 costs I was already more than happy. The site already had what was needed to makerepparttar 141431 money: visitors interested in learning more aboutrepparttar 141432 topics of my site.

This wasrepparttar 141433 start of a great and exciting adventure. My Google Adsense adventure.

The first step, signing up forrepparttar 141434 program was easy, My site, already indexed by google was accepted right away without any problems. So no I could start making money withrepparttar 141435 adsense program. Thank God I had a very easy way to display my pages so copy and paste ofrepparttar 141436 code inrepparttar 141437 right spot was just a matter of minutes.

Nowrepparttar 141438 most exciting part came, 2 times a day checking my google account to see what I made fromrepparttar 141439 clicks ofrepparttar 141440 visitors. And yes, Day 1, 10 clicks made me about 1.15$ this was a great start. I just placedrepparttar 141441 code on very few pages to testriderepparttar 141442 google adsense. Day 2 even better 16 click this was goingrepparttar 141443 right way. But than came day 3………. Only 2 clicks……. What happened?

This bad result ofrepparttar 141444 Google Adsense on my site wasrepparttar 141445 start of a still ongoing search to findrepparttar 141446 best way to userepparttar 141447 google program. This resulted I finding a forum dedicated torepparttar 141448 Google Ads. You can find it here if you are interested

Seecrets On Internet: An Ant Watching Giants Fight (Google Vs. Microsoft)

Written by Stan Seecrets

Seasoned investors are familiar with “The trend is your friend”. Knowingrepparttar current trend is vital to search engines consultants, website owners and investors, especially those with their 401K’s and life savings invested in these companies.

Since this author’s last article, some noted events have transpired which deserve further comments.

Industry watchers should be well-versed with IBM andrepparttar 141426 seven dwarfs (Sperry, Burroughs, GE, CDC, NCR, Honeywell and RCA). In much less than a lifetime, these seven computer challengers became mere footnotes.

Thenrepparttar 141427 mighty IBM had a few stumbles and finally surrenderedrepparttar 141428 mettle to a young upstart from Redmond.

Microsoft reigned supreme inrepparttar 141429 1990’s when it first introducedrepparttar 141430 Windows platform.

Are we to see to passing ofrepparttar 141431 mettle to Mountain View when Bill G. recently commented that those guys (Google) are operating from a higher I.Q. level. This admission from Redmond given its brainpower assets is surprising.

Besides, Microsoft’s Office and Internet Explorer will embrace open standards like XML. Perhaps, Redmond could reseizerepparttar 141432 initiative, by declaring their crown jewels as open-source instead of surrendering bit-by-bit and thus see their once-mighty empire wither away into insignificance.

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