Google Is Changing Quickly!

Written by Martin Lemieux

Google is quickly changing...

Withrepparttar big buzz of Novembers fall within Google comes a newly indexed data-base...

Did Google do something bad to our great placements? No I don't think so and here's why.

While people are screaming for help and wondering what went wrong, I've noticed a MASSIVE shift in page ranking.

If you look at top placements atrepparttar 128129 moment, according to Scroogle, most ofrepparttar 128130 ecommerce search terms got hit really hard. A lot ofrepparttar 128131 top 100 placements were vanishing and quickly.

Now onrepparttar 128132 other hand, less impressive and especially smaller ranking sites have been bumped up top. I firmly believe this is all because of Google's "refreshing" their memory and possibly starting to take on web site ID's with 5 characters plus.

What I mean by that isrepparttar 128133 ability for Google to index more than 3.2 Billion web sites. Adding another character torepparttar 128134 already large 4Id's deticated to each site indexed will allow Google to add a whole other list of sites within their data- base.

Now I could be wrong on that one but here's another phenomenon going on. I've been talking to other ecommerce web sites and helping them gain better rankings. It's been a while since they've had their Page Rank change within their site. Working real hard as I instructed, they have followed allrepparttar 128135 rules and attempted to boost their page ranks.

Up until now, nothing has changed and people are loosing their ranks within Google since Novembers algorythim change.

Around a week ago I've been getting calls left right and center about page ranks boosting like Iíve never seen.

Why Top Search Engine Placements Never Move?

Written by Martin Lemieux

Why Top Search Engine Placements Never Move? By: Martin Lemieux

#1 question when it comes to web advertising is how do I get top 10 search engine placements forrepparttar terms I wish to aquire?

Without getting into how to aquire #1 placements (Since there are virtually 100's of articles explaining these techniques), let's instead look into how companies who do end up aquiring them, never seem to loose them...

1st you must understand that search engines all overrepparttar 128128 world are battleing what seems like a never ending war to be able to providerepparttar 128129 ultimate best results for a search.

So since this is true, search engines are consistently upgraded in order to improve their results. With upgrades come new content, with upgrades come loss of placements as well.

We all are consistently updating our sites to better fit search enignes results but atrepparttar 128130 same time,repparttar 128131 top search engines are telling us to simply provide great relative content for your visitors. So why then do we ignore their wishes?

See what I've found through many up's and down's is that I hadrepparttar 128132 ability to getrepparttar 128133 top placements all along. It was right under my noserepparttar 128134 whole time.

Here it is... are you ready?...

Create your content for what you're after and foget it! Move on, attack something else.

See,repparttar 128135 reason why so many top companies never lose their precious placements is because they create very good content and then leave it up to search engines to find it, re-find and again re-findrepparttar 128136 same content.

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