"Google Enters 'Pay Per Click' Arena!"

Written by Merle

Google, which is used more than 150 million times per day to conduct searches has announced its entrance intorepparttar pay per click arena withrepparttar 128364 recent introduction of its new "Ad Words Select" program. The old "Ad Words" Program was based on paying per impressions of your ad, not clicks thusrepparttar 128365 addition ofrepparttar 128366 word "select."

The ads paid for are text ads that appear next to Google's search results, inrepparttar 128367 far right hand column and are labeled "sponsored links." Your ads are only shown to users searching for specific words you have placed a bid on. With Google's syndication program your ads will also appear on their partner sites, Earthlink ( http://www.Earthlink.com ) and http://www.Sympatico.ca. This is Google's first syndication advertising relationship and it may give Overture (formerly Goto.com) some sorely needed competition.Earthlink had been an Overture client but decided not to renew their contract, going instead with Google.

Registration is simple: it costs just $5.00 (US) to open an account. You will have to surrender your credit card information for future billing. If you were an original Ad Words customer you'll need to re-register in order to become a "Select" customer. In fairness to repparttar 128368 original "Ad Words" CPM clients, "Select" customers cannot purchase keywords unless their CPC rate is comparable or higher than what is currently being paid forrepparttar 128369 same keywords by Ad Words customers.

Before choosing your key-phrases you'll need to write your ads. Titles can be up to 25 characters and you get 2 lines of text at 35 characters each -- plus your URL. No images or offensive language are allowed in your ad copy. Each ad is called an "ad group." An ad group is defined as a set of ads that appear forrepparttar 128370 same keywords and sharerepparttar 128371 same CPC. You can create multiple ads within each ad group and they will be rotated in use. Ads that receiverepparttar 128372 most clicks eventually get shown more often and rise in position. Changes can be made to your ad copy at anytime.

Upon setup you selectrepparttar 128373 countries and language markets that you want your ads displayed to. You can target more than 250 countries and up to five languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

After setting up your ads you'll need to selectrepparttar 128374 key words or phrases you wish to bid on. You'll want to choose words users are most likely to type into Google's search box when looking for your products/services. Options can be set for when your ads will appear depending on whatrepparttar 128375 searcher types in.For example, if you only wanted your ads to appear when someone types in "ezine advertising" and not "free ezine advertising" you will need to surround your key phrases with square brackets like this {ezine advertising}. This tells Google it must be an exact match for your ad to appear.

Sneaky (But Legal) Places To Insert Keywords For Higher Rankings

Written by Diane Hughes

The battle for high search engine rankings rages on! The engines themselves continually make changes which makes our jobs, as Web site owners, much more difficult. But, one thing has always remainedrepparttar same... Keywords.

Search engines still read text. That text still has to be relevant torepparttar 128363 site. Keywords are text and must be placed strategically throughout your site. Those keywords withinrepparttar 128364 text are stillrepparttar 128365 determining factor on how high you go uprepparttar 128366 search engine ladder.

While many engines now place no relevancy whatsoever onrepparttar 128367 keyword META tag itself, there are still plenty of places - legal ones - to insert keywords in order to boost your rankings.

Keep this list handy when writing copy for your site pages. It will help you getrepparttar 128368 biggest bang for your search engine buck.

1. In your URL.

Putting a keyword or keyphrase within your URL (domain name) counts for major points!

2. In your page link names.

Rather than using a link in your navigation bar like "services", add a keyword to that page link. If you are a marketing consultant, you could put "marketingservices" instead.

3. In links throughoutrepparttar 128369 copy.

This usesrepparttar 128370 same principle as above. Instead of writing a paragraph about your testimonials and linking to a page named "testimonials", create a link to a page named "marketing successes" (or some other powerful keyphrase).

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