Google Contest - Nigritude Ultramarine

Written by S. Housley

Nigritude Ultramarine Search engine optimization experts are having fun with Google. Experts, with atrepparttar helm, are holding a contest to determine how Google really works. Experts are competing, withrepparttar 127947 goal of optimizing a webpage for a non-sensical phrase: 'nigritude ultramarine'. On May 7th,repparttar 127948 dayrepparttar 127949 terms 'nigritude ultramarine' was announced, typingrepparttar 127950 phrase into Google generated no search listings. Search engine optimizers hoping to define themselves as industry leaders are all vying forrepparttar 127951 number one spot. Others seerepparttar 127952 contest as an opportunity to test theories and experiment without jeopardizing existing traffic. Some webmasters are leery at staking their professional reputation on a contest with an undefined number of participants.

As an added incentive for search engine experts and webmasters to participate and work their magic, is giving away an Apple Mini iPodô and a Sony Flat Screen Monitor to anyone who can take their page to #1 forrepparttar 127953 phrase 'nigritude ultramarine'. The contest is scheduled to run for two months and will conclude on July 7th, 2004.

Magical Phrase The phrase generating

Is Your Website Ready For Local Search Engine Traffic

Written by John Jantsch

I supposerepparttar real reason for a local small business to have a website at all is to provide information forrepparttar 127946 local market, generate leads from local shoppers. Up until now too many small businesses have created websites more like monuments to their company name. If someone knewrepparttar 127947 name ofrepparttar 127948 company, they could probably findrepparttar 127949 website. That was good to a point but what about those people who just know they need what you sell but they don't know anybody who sells it?

What if, instead, local businesses began to think about their websites more like a listing in a phone directory. What if they began to build and optimize their websites withrepparttar 127950 primary intent of being found in their hometown asrepparttar 127951 leader in a category. Someone looking for "Farm Fresh Tuna in Upper Cutbank, Montana" is going to enter just such a search, right?

Google and Yahoo both announced this month their model for tapping intorepparttar 127952 local search traffic. In other words they are now going to make it easier for web surfers that want to find an accountant in their home town to do so.

Everyone knew they would eventually get around to this very lucrative market so now more than ever you need to prepare your website to be found in your town. More about local search at these sites. - Beta site FAQ - yahoo local

What I'm talking about today is "local" search engine optimization. In one senserepparttar 127953 principles arerepparttar 127954 same as everyday regular search engine optimization butrepparttar 127955 way of thinking about them is a bit different. ~~~~~~ gEEk Term definition: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isrepparttar 127956 science of making sure web pages are "designed" in such a way that search engines can find, index, and rank them according torepparttar 127957 value of their content. For those of you who don't know, there is an entire industry built around this science. ~~~~~~

Inrepparttar 127958 old dayrepparttar 127959 mindset was to create a website and optimize it for anyone looking for a certain topic.

Local SEO focuses first on being found in your town....for a certain topic. Geo targeting isrepparttar 127960 key. When someone is looking for a veterinarian, they don't search locally (atrepparttar 127961 moment) forrepparttar 127962 name of your firm. Think in terms of a Yellow Pages directory. They go to city they are looking for and thenrepparttar 127963 category and thenrepparttar 127964 name ofrepparttar 127965 firm to call.

Local search is structured muchrepparttar 127966 same. People who are looking for an auto mechanic online will search "Kansas City Auto mechanic" In order to winrepparttar 127967 local search game you must be able to win that type of search.

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