Google And Duplicate Content

Written by Richard Lowe

I've been followingrepparttar discussion about Google and mirrored information for some time. It is "common knowledge" that Google penalizes page rank when it determines that content is duplicated somewhere else. In fact, I've read many experts stating that there should be no duplicate domain names and no duplicate content anywhere.

Onrepparttar 128337 face of itrepparttar 128338 arguments appear to be sound. Google obviously has several billion pages in it's database and could, it appears, easily determine if content is duplicated. It also seems, again onrepparttar 128339 face of it, that it's reasonable to check for duplicate content, as this isrepparttar 128340 "mark of a spammer" and not necessary onrepparttar 128341 web with hyperlinking available. At least, this isrepparttar 128342 common wisdom.

However, sometimes what seems reasonable and possible is not: not by a long shot.

Let's begin withrepparttar 128343 technical side of things. You've got domain x and domain y with exactlyrepparttar 128344 same content. How on earth would Google be able to figure that out? Let's say Google had 3 billion pages in it's database. To compare every page to every page would be an enormous task - quadrillions of comparisons.

Now, if site x had page "page1" which linked to site y which also had "page1", then it would be possible for Google to determinerepparttar 128345 duplicate content. Conceivably, it could check this out.

Not only isrepparttar 128346 task enormous, butrepparttar 128347 benefit is so tiny as to be insignificant. Duplicate content does not imply in any way shape or form spamming. In actual fact, a duplicate site is generally going to lower page rank of BOTH sites. Instead of having 100 links to one site, there will presumably be 50 links to one and 50 to another. This would tend (all things being equal) to lowerrepparttar 128348 page ranking of both sites. So Google gains nothing by this incredible expenditure of resources.

There are several reasons for duplicate content which have nothing to do with spamming. Sometimesrepparttar 128349 content is actually duplicated, and sometimes it's just that there are several different domains (at leastrepparttar 128350 www and non-www versions) for repparttar 128351 same website

Mirroring a site for load balancing - This is very common. The purpose is to split uprepparttar 128352 traffic between two copies ofrepparttar 128353 site.

Mirroring for region - Sometimes site mirroring is done simply to make it more efficient onrepparttar 128354 internet backbone itself. You might put an identical copy of a site in Europe, for example, to reduce traffic acrossrepparttar 128355 Atlantic, which should make it faster in European countries.

Viral marketing - It's extremely common to allow other sites to republish articles in return for a link.

Different domain names - Sometimes a site might be referenced on many different domain names. You might want to allowrepparttar 128356 .com, .net and .org versions ofrepparttar 128357 name to all workrepparttar 128358 same, you might allow for common misspellings or you might cover different keywords (sewing-tips and sewing-secrets are examples of possible combinations).

A new Web Marketing ROI Calculator - Part 2

Written by Robin Nobles

(Continued from Part 1 -- an interview with Chris Genge about KeywordTool.)

Question: What if you have a lot of clients?

Chris: "Each client would have their own account. You would want to keeprepparttar information separate and private. You can have multiple accounts under your main account. There is no limit torepparttar 128336 number of accounts orrepparttar 128337 number of domains you monitor. Each account does require a separate license though."

Question: What do you mean by a separate license?

Chris: "Pricing for KeywordTool is based on a license fee and a click-tracking fee."

Question: So if you userepparttar 128338 tool for multiple domains/accounts, you'd have to purchase it separately for each domain/account?

Chris, "Yes, you can run all your accounts under your main account, but they are purchased separately."

Question: Is there a special setup fee forrepparttar 128339 main account?

Chris: "No setup fee. The set up takes about 20 minutes and just requires adding a small JavaScript intorepparttar 128340 head of your entry pages and a small piece of code into your conversion page. Then it goes live right away and starts gathering info."

Question: How much doesrepparttar 128341 service cost?

Chris: "The service usually runs from about $200/month per account and up depending on how many search engine related clicks you are getting per month. There are several examples of pricing at:"

Question: If I have 20 clients now, what wouldrepparttar 128342 cost be per month?

Chris: "The first client is $150; 2-5 clients is $135 each up to 20. All clients after 20 are $60 each. It's progressive pricing."

Question: If I start with three clients, then add two more later on, doesrepparttar 128343 total subscription rate get adjusted to 5 clients, etc.?

Chris: "Yes."

Question: If it uses JavaScript and someone has their JavaScript disabled, they wouldn't be counted? Is it a cookie? What if someone has cookies disabled?

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