Google Alerts Gets Going

Written by John Calder

2004, John Calder

Do a search on Google today, and you may see an offer to "...Getrepparttar latest web results on (your search) emailed to you with Google Web Alerts." Marketers should be quick to realize this can be a useful way to monitor your own business, your competitors, your markets, and search results for your keywords.

You can set up a Google alert to monitorrepparttar 133421 top 10 Google News stories,repparttar 133422 top 20 Google web search results, or both. Enter a search term, tell Googlerepparttar 133423 type of alert you want, how often you want Google to check for alerts, & your email address. After you confirm your alert by email, you're all set.

Just think - you can use a Google web search alert to monitor search results for your highest-ranking pages, your best-paying keywords, and new markets you're thinking about entering. By signing up for alerts of volatile keywords, you can get a good idea of when a Google dance is occurring. And of course, you can monitorrepparttar 133424 ranking of your own and competitors' business pages as well.

Simple Sealing Solution for Pump Shafts

Written by Thomas Yoon

In this issue, we will focus on a much simpler way of sealing a rotating shaft of a pump. It's by using gland packing. This method of sealing has been in use for a very long time, and is still being used today.

There are advantages and disadvantages in using them.

Perhapsrepparttar first and foremost reason for replacing them with mechanical seals is because ofrepparttar 133420 fact that gland packing needs a small amount of leak for cooling purposes.

A person who installs a gland packing must ensure thatrepparttar 133421 latter does not griprepparttar 133422 shaft too tightly. A little dripping must be allowed for. Pumps that contain hazardous liquids should not use them at all.

Pumps that contain gland packing will usually be constructed with a small well and piping atrepparttar 133423 gland to leadrepparttar 133424 leak water away fromrepparttar 133425 pump so as to ensure thatrepparttar 133426 water will not damagerepparttar 133427 bearings, housing or foundation. This can really mess uprepparttar 133428 pump area if there is a choke atrepparttar 133429 drain piping that preventsrepparttar 133430 leaked water from flowing away.

The pump gland nuts may need to be tightened every now and then due to slight loosening after some time of operation. This is because repparttar 133431 nut cannot be tightened hard againstrepparttar 133432 soft packing.

Becauserepparttar 133433 packing gland rubs againstrepparttar 133434 shaft, it will tend to wear downrepparttar 133435 shaft. For this reason, and especially for larger pumps using packing glands, there will usually be a shaft sleeve that can be slipped overrepparttar 133436 shaft. The wear down will then occur only onrepparttar 133437 shaft sleeve. This can be replaced instead ofrepparttar 133438 more expensive shaft.

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