Google Adwords - Online riches without owning a website or product!

Written by Ian McIntosh

Did you know that you can make money from Google Adwords without having a product to sell, or even a website? It's true and there are many people all aroundrepparttar world quietly making lots of money doing it.

So how do you do it?

Quite simple really, you become an affiliate.

An affiliate is somebody who sells other people's products for a share ofrepparttar 117147 profits. There are loads of companies on line who are eager for you to become their affiliate, and will pay you very well for generating sales for them.

Did you know for example that mortgage companies and other financial institutions will pay up to $50 per referral? Normally your prospect doesn't even have to takerepparttar 117148 mortgage in order for you to pick uprepparttar 117149 money, you get it for them just filling inrepparttar 117150 form.

Satellite TV companies are another example of big payers, and there a lot of "high ticket" software products that can earn you $100+ commissions. There are loads of other companies in all walks of life that want you as an affiliate, do a search on Google for affiliate - you'll be amazed at what you'll find!

Sign up with an affiliate program that interests you and that you would be happy and enthusiastic about promoting. If you don't feel anything positive towards what you are trying to promote you will be less likely to commit your energy towards it. When you do sign up for your affiliate program, you will be allocated an affiliate "link", a short piece of text withrepparttar 117151 company's website and your unique ID in it. Always be sure to use this link in any promotions you do, or you won't get paid!

So how do you get these commissions from your affiliate program? Google Adwords!

If you've been living on Mars forrepparttar 117152 last couple of years, Adwords arerepparttar 117153 little boxes onrepparttar 117154 right hand side ofrepparttar 117155 search results page which show up when you do a search on Google and other search engines. They are paid sponsor's advertisements and your goal is obviously to get as near torepparttar 117156 top ofrepparttar 117157 search results page as possible, so that as many people as possible will see your ad.

Now to sellrepparttar 117158 product that you've become an affiliate for, you simply write a short advertisement with a catchy title and two lines of text and referrepparttar 117159 prospect torepparttar 117160 sales website. This does not need to be a website that you own, remember when you signed up as an affiliate you already created an affiliate link torepparttar 117161 site with your unique ID in it, so thatrepparttar 117162 commission from any sale made goes to you.

Home Based Business Opportunities 2004

Written by BB Lee

Home-Based Business Opportunities 2004 by BB Lee(C)2004


Your Best Opportunity For Home-Based Business Success Might Be Right Before Your Eyes!

It might even be a task you perform everyday!

Where Do I Begin: You want to start your own home-based business but you don't know what kind of business to start. The answer to your question might be very obvious!

Consider This: Your best opportunity for home-based business success might be a skill you perform everyday aroundrepparttar house. Perhaps you are a good cook. Consider starting a catering service.

You take care of children or elderly parents. You could start an elder care or children's day care center.

Friends say you have a green thumb. Notrepparttar 117146 Jolly Green Giant kind, but you are a great gardener. Ever thought about starting a landscaping business? Or growing exotic house plants?

Perhaps sewing is your hobby. You could specialize in tailoring. Or sewing outfits for children. Sewing designer curtains, cushions.

One woman in California turned her sewing hobby into a profitable business by creating patterns and sewing unique hand bags.

Are you good with a paint brush, hammer and nails. Hire yourself out in your neighborhood as a professional repair person.

Maybe, you are a whiz with computers and surfrepparttar 117147 Internet for fun. Do you realize a large market exist for an eager entrepreneur to train people in setting up their computers, getting onrepparttar 117148 Internet. Along with teaching email skills, downloading, web page building, setting up accounts with web host. These are skills you might find simple enough, but are very perplexing to newbies.

Are you great at throwing together a children's birthday party? Or are yourepparttar 117149 life ofrepparttar 117150 party? Performing, telling jokes, making funny animal balloons? One young female friend of mine used her offbeat humor to start a traveling clown business, specializing in children's birthday parties.

Did you help a friend arrange a wedding celebration? Wedding Consultants are in high demand acrossrepparttar 117151 country. This would be a very lucrative business venture. One easily started out of your home.

Perhaps you worked in an office performing basic secretarial skills. Why not start a home typing service. You could specialize in one area-target college students, typing their terms papers. Or target recent graduates, typing resume's, cover letters. The point is that it is conceivable thatrepparttar 117152 same tasks you perform everyday for your family or employer could be turned into a very profitable home-based business venture.

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