Google Adwords: Higher Traffic and Sales in 2 Hours or Less!

Written by Ben Chapi

There are various ways to purchase highly targeted advertising at very low prices. Google AdWords is one simple and quick way to to do this. Regardless of your budget, you can actually get your text ads appearing on search result pages within minutes! You can also target your ad to a specific language or country.

Pricing is based onrepparttar position in which your ad is shown but there is no minimum amount required in order to open an account. Google positions your ad based on how many users click on it over time. Current rates range from $15-$10 (per thousand ads shown) for positions 1-3, and $8 per thousand for positions 4-8.

According to Google, Adwords text ads have an average click through rate 4-5 times higher than banner ads. I have generated click through rates as high as 36% by usingrepparttar 128403 guidelines outlined below. I frequently test ads for as little as $1!

I've been using Google Adwords since it was first introduced and I've found it to be very effective for testing ads. My best click through rate so far has been 36% andrepparttar 128404 lowest being 0.98%! On average my ads get a 20% click through rate on very focused keywords and search terms and 6% on general popular relevant keywords. Here is what I do. When promoting my products I choose keywords/search terms that are very specific to generate highly qualified prospects. I get very few searches, but a very high click through rate. I then keeprepparttar 128405 ad running for a very long time.

Paying for Targeted Traffic with Goto and Google

Written by Merle

Everyone wants to be listed inrepparttar top 10 ofrepparttar 128402 search engines, butrepparttar 128403 reality is that with millions of websites vying forrepparttar 128404 same ten spots, it just "ain't gonna happen." You'd probably stand a better chance at winningrepparttar 128405 lottery.

Many search engines have moved away fromrepparttar 128406 "free" submission model onto one that requires up front payment. This does not guarantee you any kind of placement; just that your site will be reviewed and listed. So what if it comes up 100,878,989 on repparttar 128407 search results page? It's listed.

Well, I have a real problem with that. Why should I pay $200.00 for something that's been free for years when my site may never be found inrepparttar 128408 first place? If you're like me, when you pay out good money for something, you want to see some results.

There are other search engines like Google and Goto who charge a fee but with both of them you're paying for *placement*, not just a listing. That's OK in my book. At least I'll get some traffic for my hard earned dollar.

Both Google and Goto should be utilized by any online entrepreneur looking for results. Let's take a look at both of them and what's involved in opening an account with them.


There are many "pay for" position search engines butrepparttar 128409 clear leader ofrepparttar 128410 pack is They createdrepparttar 128411 game of "pay for" keyword positioning and are still going strong.

You pickrepparttar 128412 search terms that are relevant to your website and decide how much you wish to pay when someone clicks on your listing. The higher you bid,repparttar 128413 higher your site appears in their search engine when someone does a search for one of your keywords. What's nice aboutrepparttar 128414 program is you're only paying when someone actually clicks through to your site and not just for impressions.

When setting up your account they offer 3 packages to choose from:

1)Full Service: This is their customized plan with recommended terms and bids based on your budget. They'll write up to 100 search listings for you, total price $199.00 (1 time fee)

2) Full Service: A less expensive customer plan with up to 20 professionally written search listings for $99.00 (1 time fee).

3) Self Service: This is my favorite where you create your own titles and descriptions and bids. No service fee butrepparttar 128415 minimum amount to open an account is $50.00. If you want to register more than 40 keywords or phrases they have a handy spreadsheet you can download, enter in all of your keywords then mail it back in.

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