Google AdSense - A Quick Overview for Beginners...

Written by Farid Aziz

Google AdSense isrepparttar syndication of Google Adwords. Before we continue, you must understandrepparttar 137334 outline of Google AdWords first. You haven't? Read my AdWords article.

In Google AdWords,repparttar 137335 advertisers' links show up when someone types a certain keyword to Google search engine's box and enters it. The links will show up onrepparttar 137336 right hand side ofrepparttar 137337 results page.

In Google AdSense,repparttar 137338 advertisers' links show up onrepparttar 137339 third party's page ifrepparttar 137340 rich content ofrepparttar 137341 page is relevant to those ads. If a site's content is about Internet Marketing,repparttar 137342 ads that appear are related to Internet Marketing.

If your rich-content site is about "making money online" and you sign up for Google AdSense, then Google will decide thatrepparttar 137343 proper ads for your page are about "making money opportunity".

Google AdWords - A Quick Overview for Beginners...

Written by Farid Aziz

Have you heard about Google AdWords?

OK, this time I'm going to explain a bit about it.

First of all, you know as well that Google is stillrepparttar #1 Search Engine inrepparttar 137319 net, leaving Overture atrepparttar 137320 second place. If you type a word or a phrase in Google's search box and press "enter", a large number of links will appear in front of you, related torepparttar 137321 subject you've typed earlier.

Take a look atrepparttar 137322 right hand side ofrepparttar 137323 main page. There should be another group of links complete with their descriptions, right? Only, these ones are much smaller than those main link results. What isrepparttar 137324 difference?

Do you seerepparttar 137325 subtitle.. Sponsored Links..? Those link results onrepparttar 137326 right hand side is called Google AdWords. People bid a certain price to Google to put their links on there everytime visitors search for related keywords. Those advertisers are only paying forrepparttar 137327 numbers of click-throughs to their links. This kind of advertising is calledrepparttar 137328 Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.

In order to reach a higher position inrepparttar 137329 link results, Google has set up a unique formula. Let's say you want to put your link in Google AdWords and you bid for "flowers" as your main keyword. You are notrepparttar 137330 only one who bid for that keyword. There are lots of people who also bid for it, since they also want to promote their "flowers" sites!

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