Written by Clare Lawrence

Google By Clare Lawrence 15th August 2004

How can I do well on Google? I get asked this question a lot. Google has grown hugely over recent years and now accounts for smoothing like 55% of all web searches.

Google is too important a search engine to ignore, but what’s required to get torepparttar top?

Well a starting point is to read Google’s guidance to webmasters:

Hopefully this setsrepparttar 127877 scene, Google is fighting a war against spammers. It wants sites that contain good relevant content. Google also searches to penalise sites that use spammer techniques to get ahead.

So… if you want to do well, you need a long-term plan.

First create pages that are relevant and content rich.

Bad SEO and Google Penal

Written by Jason J. Green

The Big 3 of Bad SEO:

Mirror Sites and Duplicate Content - Google has a particular aversion towards spammed web site content and Google penalties for mirror sites reflect this.

Hidden Text and Keyword Stuffing - A common technique for attempting to inflate search engine ranking is to hide multiple blocks of descriptive text and/or keywords within a web page’s HTML source code (Keyword Stuffing).

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