Google's Groundbreaking AdWords Select Program

Written by Lee Traupel

One ofrepparttar absolute best online marketing processes available to any business today is Google's AdWords Select advertising program. It produces immediate results within minutes after being setup, drives highly qualified traffic via selected keywords and can be monitored and modified on a 24/7 basis via Google's excellent online interface. There are no hidden fees - it costs a mere $5. USD to setup a campaign and requires a credit card submission at startup. We highly recommend this interactive marketing process to all of our clients and incorporate an AdWords Select component with all of our marketing campaigns.

Google's Pricing Model

Google charges you on a CPC ("Cost per Click") basis - you only pay for each clickthrough to your web site from Google's, no more no less. You don't pay for "impressions" (number of times someone views your add) like many first generation Internet advertising models - it's truly a results driven marketing process.

Keywords costs can vary tremendously ranging from $.05 to $11. USD or more per keyword - Google assigns a "minimum cost per click" for specific keywords based on "market value" and "performance history" via Google's AdWords Select program history. Be prepared to pay a much higher rate for very popular keywords and this is a moving target all ofrepparttar 128343 time -repparttar 128344 more popular this program becomes repparttar 128345 more you will be forced to pay for selected popular keywords.

Creating your Sponsorship Ad

Your Ad's position is based on a combination ofrepparttar 128346 CPC ("Cost per Click") you selected and relevancy of your ad - if your ad and keywords are relevant and drive clickthroughs, then your ad will rise in position onrepparttar 128347 sponsored column versus your competitors. This is an innovative feature and helps to distinguish Google's program from all other PPC ("Pay per Click") campaigns (Overture and their primary competitors) - most of these programs have an "economic bias" built into them; i.e. whoever paysrepparttar 128348 highest fees getsrepparttar 128349 top placement.

Dynamic Ad Placement

Google's unique AdWords Discounter keeps track of your costs per click versus your competitors. You selectrepparttar 128350 maximum amount you want to pay for your keywords andrepparttar 128351 ranking algorithm keeps track of your keyword costs, ensuring you only pay one cent aboverepparttar 128352 CPC ("Cost per Click") cost you specified when you setuprepparttar 128353 campaign versus your competitors.

Setup Process - Sponsored Link Ad and Keywords

AdWords Select is based upon driving highly targeted traffic to a web site via a set of keywords that are selected via Google's account management interface. There are two primary components torepparttar 128354 setup process, creating your "sponsored link" ad and selecting your keywords. You start by creating a "sponsored link" ad that is subsequently inserted into Google's search results onrepparttar 128355 right hand column - targeted by keywords that you have selected. It only takes a few minutes to have your campaign go "live" after you've completedrepparttar 128356 setup process.

Should You Submit your Web Site to Yahoo! ?

Written by Alan Grissett

By evenrepparttar most conservative estimates, Yahoo! isrepparttar 128342 single largest search directory in terms of overall quantity of searches. This is due to a number of factors including its early entrance ontorepparttar 128343 Web (1994),repparttar 128344 popularity of its value added services (e.g. Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Messenger, and My Yahoo!), andrepparttar 128345 overall quality of its directory listings. So what doesrepparttar 128346 large quantity of searches performed at Yahoo! mean for sites that are listed inrepparttar 128347 directory? It means that, with a good listing, a Web site can expect to receive a good amount of targeted, keyword-specific traffic. In fact, Yahoo! is so confident that it can generate traffic for Web sites that it now charges submission and annual listing fees for commercial sites listed in its directory. (Yes, you read correctly, annual listing fees).

Yahoo! uses human beings to organizerepparttar 128348 Web. These human editors find sites or review submissions, then, ifrepparttar 128349 sites are of sufficient quality, place those sites in one or more categories that are relevant to them. Beginning in November 2000, Yahoo! implemented a mandatory submission fee forrepparttar 128350 review of commercial sites. This fee only guaranteed that an editor ofrepparttar 128351 Business Express service, as it was then named, would reviewrepparttar 128352 site within seven business days. It DID NOT guarantee a listing inrepparttar 128353 directory, only that a site would be reviewed. Atrepparttar 128354 time, a lot of Webmasters felt that this was extortion, but for many businesses, it was a relief, becauserepparttar 128355 previous submission process had no specific time frame for review. In fact,repparttar 128356 average review time beforerepparttar 128357 introduction ofrepparttar 128358 Business Express service was two to three months.

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