GoogSpy: Business Counter Intelligence for Everyone

Written by Sandra Stammberger

Copyright 2005 Sandra Stammberger

So, you want to know what your competitors are up to these days, or maybe you want to research a keyword campaign that will rank you atrepparttar top ofrepparttar 137741 heap for whatever product or service you're selling? Meet GoogSpy, a special search engine that not only shows you what Google AdWords your competitors are buying, but it will display all ofrepparttar 137742 search terms that rank them inrepparttar 137743 top 10, PLUS it even displays their top 25 competitors.

What search engine does it base all of its intelligence on? Well, with a name like GOOGspy, there can only be one. is powered by a product called "WebScraper+" which isrepparttar 137744 brainchild of Arizona-based Velocityscape. According to Michael J. Roberts, Velocityscape's President, GoogSpy extracts 500,000 search results per day from Google and loads them intorepparttar 137745 database which it then makes available for anyone to search.

Normally, when it comes to business intelligence software, a sentence which read: "which it then makes available for anyone to search." would end withrepparttar 137746 phrase "for a fee.", but that's notrepparttar 137747 case with GoogSpy. At least forrepparttar 137748 time beingrepparttar 137749 tool is 100% free to use by anyone who cares to go to and use it.

So, what'srepparttar 137750 value of such a powerful tool forrepparttar 137751 average business web site operator? That depends upon how much value you place on being able to see how a competitor spends their advertising dollar and who else is competing with them.

The interface is fairly straight forward. You enter your search term inrepparttar 137752 text box and clickrepparttar 137753 "Search button. If GoogSpy finds content it will displayrepparttar 137754 company name, if any, as a hyperlink underrepparttar 137755 company heading andrepparttar 137756 search terms, also as hyperlinks, underrepparttar 137757 Search terms heading. If it doesn't find anything then it doesn't display anything. For about two minutes more development timerepparttar 137758 programmers could have added a "Sorry, your search term did not return any results" message but I guess less is more with these guys.

Start Something Big When You Start an Online Business

Written by Benjamin Scott

Copyright 2005 Benjamin Scott

You life is an open path before you, but you might not see it because ofrepparttar over full inbox tray obstructing your view. Its hard to be philosophical and wise when you just need to finish a few more things in order to see even a little ofrepparttar 137740 soccer game, piano recital, or first steps you heard were happening but had missed because of work. Worse, you missed a lot of important events for work you did not even like or want to be doing. People change and grow, and perhaps you have outgrown your job and present career. It may be time to look into something more, something different. Start something big in your life, and start an online business.

Starting an online business is not difficult. YOU do not have to be a computer expert. You do not have to be rich, successful, or any preconceived notion of a business person. Thanks torepparttar 137741 Internet revolution, people of many backgrounds can come together and run businesses and achieve financial freedom fromrepparttar 137742 comfort of their own homes. There are many viable options for individuals interested in trying to start an online business. This career avenue affords personal freedom, lucrative financial success, andrepparttar 137743 personal satisfaction of owning a business. Few business opportunities can offer these three attributes in one stunning package, asking little down and demanding little background knowledge. Start an online business, no matter what your background and interests, and you will be starting a change in your life that will reach beyond your pocket book and into your self-esteem. You can know every day that you are working for yourself and your own goals. You set your bottom line, and you decide what issue you will tackle each day. This startling independence will bring outrepparttar 137744 best in you, motivating you to challenge yourself and reach for new heights.

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