Good Web Site Design

Written by Peter Cross

There are very few web pages onrepparttar internet that clearly state what is "good web site design" and what is not "good web site design". That's because it's completely subjective - like what is beautiful and what is not beautiful, and so it takes a highly opinionated strong ego like this one to step in there and say "OK folks, this is what it is." Now I jumped on boardrepparttar 135869 internet back in 1994 after I began to believe that not only would it be "The Next Big Thing", but that it actually does offerrepparttar 135870 human racerepparttar 135871 potential to connect all our minds together in an entirely new way. When I decided to create my own web site, I first had to take a good look at as many music and other web sites as possible in order to learn what not to do before I could visualize what I should do. I've visited thousands of web sites since then, I've talked to countless net surfers about what they like and don't like, and we all tend to agree on some major points:

Bad Design Consists of:

1. Text that is hard to read, including use of tiny fonts against black backgrounds and illegible fonts against picturesque backgrounds. 2. Anything that slows page downloading speed. Net surfers are impatient and they will hit their back button to exit out of a site where pages take too long to download. Avoid any plug-ins that have to be downloaded in order simply in order to view your page. 3. No clear "Mission Statement" onrepparttar 135872 home page. Web surfers want to know immediately what a web site is about - they don't want to have to read several pages to get it and then deciderepparttar 135873 time spent wasn't worth it. 4. No clear instructions onrepparttar 135874 home page on how to getrepparttar 135875 information you want out ofrepparttar 135876 site. Web surfers want to surf with speed, not study in a library. 5. Home pages that make you click on something to "enter" (called portal pages). What'srepparttar 135877 point? You've already entered. Why inrepparttar 135878 world would you care to enter twice? 6. Confusing site organization, difficult navigation, dead links. 7. Boring writing. Not much can be done about this one. Creative writing isn't available at any price, in any medium - askrepparttar 135879 publishers.

How to Choose a Website Design Company

Written by Cindy Kelly

The internet is full of web design companies pleading for your business. They all look great! Not sure which company to select? By following these simple steps, you'll be able to selectrepparttar perfect designer for your business.

1. The search for a web designer. Unless you really feel that face to face meetings are a priority, there is really no reason why you can't hire a web designer outside your local area. Most people turn to search engines onrepparttar 135796 internet for their search.

2. The designer's portfolio. Once you stumble on a website that catches your interest, look for samples of their work. Freelancer or business, anyone who claims to be a web designer has design portfolio. Because taste is a personal choice, it's possible you won't "like" all ofrepparttar 135797 examples inrepparttar 135798 designers portfolio. But even if you don't likerepparttar 135799 particular colors or theme they used for a particular client, look further intorepparttar 135800 design. Ask yourself these questions:

Are there designs clean and crisp? Doesrepparttar 135801 overall design have a professional appearance? Isrepparttar 135802 navigation clear and easy to use? How Is their language, grammar and spelling usage? 3. Check references. If you thinkrepparttar 135803 designer can do a good job for you, check their references. You'll find contact information for past clients inrepparttar 135804 designer's portfolio. They can give you their real life experience withrepparttar 135805 design company.

4. Selecting a web designer. If your comfortable withrepparttar 135806 references and likerepparttar 135807 examples inrepparttar 135808 portfolio contactrepparttar 135809 design company to discussrepparttar 135810 requirements of your project. By corresponding withrepparttar 135811 designer via email of telephone, you'll learn a lot about how responsive and flexible they are. If you're working with a timeline and/or a budget, explain this and be sure they can accommodate your needs. Keep in mind that not every web design company hasrepparttar 135812 capabilities to do what you need. Be sure to make your requirements clear up front so you don't get stuck with extra charges or delays.

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