Good Web Design

Written by Richard Lowe

One ofrepparttar primary keys to a successful website is a good design. A poorly designed site actually discourages visitors from even getting to your site, and to leave quickly when (and if) they arrive. A well designed site encourages people to visit and to remain once they find it. In fact,repparttar 134669 best designed sites encourage communication, which in turn causes people to continue to visit time after time.

So what is this thing called a "well designed web site"? In concept it can be summarized in a few words:

"A well designed web site communicates and encourages communication."

It's as simple as this statement implies. However,repparttar 134670 implications of this statement are far reaching and critical torepparttar 134671 success of your web site. For example, one ofrepparttar 134672 critical questions to ask yourself when you are designing your site is "who and what are you communicating with?" Why is this important? Because in addition to your visitors with their complex requirements, you area also communicating with search engine spiders, internet mapping routines and other automated tools. These are critically important torepparttar 134673 success of your site.

Okay, so what do you need to do to make your site communicate to everyone and everything possible? Some suggestions are listed below.

Design Your Site

Before you do anything, sit down and think about your site. Virtually all successful projects begin with good planning, analysis and design work. Leave out these steps and you may find yourself reimplementing your site over and over. Think it takes too long? Well, I have a question for you: "why is it everyone has time to do it over but over time to do it right?"

Alt Tags

To make your site communicate better to those people (and search engine spiders_ who do not view graphics, be sure and include ALT tags with each image.


You want to tellrepparttar 134674 search engines (and other spiders) about your site? Includerepparttar 134675 proper Metatags on each page. This helps improve your rankings on some search engines.


Be sure that your navigation makes sense. Help your visitors get around on your site by making it easy for them to find things.

Bad Web Design: Navigation Errors

Written by Richard Lowe

Confusing navigation is another way to keep your visitors from coming back or even staying very long on their first visit. You must provide a way for your visitors to find out what you've got - it's of no use if no one sees it.

Link Every Page To The Home Page - One huge mistake that many webmasters make is to forget to link every page back to their home page. It's important to remember that search engines typically spider your entire site. This means that visitors can land literally anywhere in your site. If you are smart you will accept this fact and place a link back torepparttar home page.

Java or ActiveX Menus - I know those Java or ActiveX menus look great, but a large minority of your visitors will not allow these to operate due to security concerns. In my company I am in charge or security, and one ofrepparttar 134668 things that we do is turn offrepparttar 134669 downloading of ActiveX controls fromrepparttar 134670 internet. Period. We are also very cautious about allowing unknown Java applets into our organization.

The point is stick to a simple, clean navigation interface. Personally, I would avoid Java and most especially ActiveX in anything intended forrepparttar 134671 internet.

Confusing Menus - You want to make it difficult for your site to succeed? Then make your navigational system difficult to understand and use. Bury your hyperlinks in a complex image map that's not obvious torepparttar 134672 user. That's a great way to stop people from looking around your site. Some other things you can to do prevent users from enjoying your site:

- Scatter your links all overrepparttar 134673 page haphazardly - Put your menus only atrepparttar 134674 bottom of every page - Makerepparttar 134675 hyperlinksrepparttar 134676 same color asrepparttar 134677 rest ofrepparttar 134678 test - Makerepparttar 134679 text very, very small or in a strange font - Makerepparttar 134680 menu actually move aroundrepparttar 134681 screen (I've run into a couple of sites with strange floating menus) - Putrepparttar 134682 menus on a popup window or console of some kind

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