Good Spam or Bad Spam...What is the Difference?

Written by Sara Hardy

Are you Good Spam or Bad Spam? This isrepparttar question I find echoing in my head sometimes when I am going through my email, as if it is part of some electronic Wizard of Oz. Have you ever given any thought torepparttar 132765 fact that there really is a difference in spam? Not that I am defending anyone, but let me make my point and then you can decide for yourself.

Spam is such a hot issue and no one knowsrepparttar 132766 "right" view of spam that fits everyone. You either: - will take all measures to prevent people from sending it to you - don't mind it at all and happily delete, delete, delete every day - OR hate it sometimes and ignore it other times.

I think I fall inrepparttar 132767 last category, which is what started me thinking about good and bad spam. My point of view has now developed into this:

BAD Spam- It is bad spam when you reply to it to be removed and it is returned to you becauserepparttar 132768 address is made up. It is bad spam whenrepparttar 132769 removal link does not open a real url. It is bad spam when you pasterepparttar 132770 message source into Spam Cop andrepparttar 132771 info you get back before clickingrepparttar 132772 "Send spam report" shows tons of dead ends and made up domains, etc.

This means that this "Cowardly Lion" harvested your address, and went to great lengths to cover their tracks in order not to get caught sending spam.

GOOD Spam- It is good spam when there is an actual person onrepparttar 132773 other end, apologizing for inconveniencing you. What made it good spam? Because here is spam that you most likely will not get again, because it is more legit thenrepparttar 132774 bad spam. These people are not out to break any rules, upset anyone, or ruin your day. 9 times out of 10 they really don't know any better and will learn, very quickly I might add.

Don't Be A Spam Artist!

Written by Terri Seymour

One ofrepparttar hottest discussion topics going aroundrepparttar 132763 web these days is Spam. Spam is different things to different people, but basically it is sending email advertisements to anyone who did not request them or give permission to send them.

I do not consider an email from an acquaintance telling me something they think might interest me- spam. I do not consider people telling me about their business and asking for advice-spam. I do not consider advertisements from companies I have asked about-spam. I do not consider an invitation from a publisher to join their opt-in list-spam. However, these invitations should not be sent out in mass mailings.

There are, however, many things that I do consider to be spam. Unfortunately, when I first started onrepparttar 132764 Internet, I was guilty of spam once or twice. It does not necessarily make me a bad person, just an uninformed one. Now that I know what is considered to be spam and what is not, I would never in any way, shape or form become a Spam Artist!

These are some things to avoid doing:

* Sending your ad to any email you come across - SPAM! Do NOT send your ad to anyone unless they have asked for information, or if they have joined your opt-in list.

* Joining every discussion and announcement list you can find and sending your ad every few hours - SPAM! When you join these email lists, they will send you an email with their guidelines for posting. Please read and follow these guidelines carefully.

* Subscribing to an ezine and then replying torepparttar 132765 ezine with your ad - SPAM! This is one way to get yourself removed from a lot of good lists. If you receive an ezine, do not reply with one of your ads.

* Buying email address lists and blasting your ad-SPAM! Most ofrepparttar 132766 people on these lists probably do not even know they are on them. Therefore, you do not have their permission to send your ads.

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