Good Soup?

Written by Valerie Garner

Good Soup?

If you want to get rave reviews on any soup you make,repparttar first element is to make sure your loved one first has a long, steady diet of military food. Here’s our story:

When my husband and I were first married, he was inrepparttar 118220 military and had lived for months off of military food. We purchased a small trailer, while waiting for it to be delivered and hooked up, we lived with another young military couple for a few weeks.

All 4 ofrepparttar 118221 young adults in this household had many responsibilities and lots going on with life, sorepparttar 118222 housekeeping end of things were pretty lax. One evening we all pitched in and started cleaning. There was a pan that had several days old, dried macaroni and cheese stuck all overrepparttar 118223 pan. The husband toldrepparttar 118224 wife to put hot soapy water in it and let it soak.

The following day, she and I both hadrepparttar 118225 morning off, so we went to do laundry atrepparttar 118226 local laundromat. We came home after lunch to find a note from our husband’s saying, “Thanks forrepparttar 118227 good soup.” We looked at each other and asked, “What soup?” Neither of us could figure it out, so just figuredrepparttar 118228 guys must be loosing it, and shrugged it off.

Revised: We are Going to Live on Mars

Written by Arthur Zulu

Good news is hard to come by these days. But alas there is one. Man will soon be living onrepparttar red planet Mars.

The Journey started on a good foot. The space rocket Spirit successfully landed onrepparttar 118219 planet. It began photographing and digging up Mars and sending messages back torepparttar 118220 earth that will soon be vacated. And there is back slapping and clicking of glasses as we drink our wines. And we pray for Spirit and her sister rocket, Opportunity, to discover water (we need it badly) and perhaps some damned microorganisms hidden in rocks.

That isrepparttar 118221 first phase of this Martian expedition. The next stage will be a manned flight by two dare-devil astronauts, who will be willing to make history by takingrepparttar 118222 two-month long trip. In order to makerepparttar 118223 trip exciting,repparttar 118224 astronauts would first have to set camp onrepparttar 118225 moon. Yes, they would really have to take off fromrepparttar 118226 moon to Mars. (This is not fiction.) And then after several successful flights and mapping of Mars, model houses would have to be built ahead ofrepparttar 118227 Martian exodus. But why you may ask, are we migrating to Mars?

The first reason is that terrorists have taken over this " hell" of a place called earth, and nobody is safe anymore. Even if you were living onrepparttar 118228 tallest building or hiding in a cave. Cave? That isrepparttar 118229 worst. Because allrepparttar 118230 terrorists are now living underrepparttar 118231 mountains and spider holes inrepparttar 118232 bushes far fromrepparttar 118233 prying eyes of cameras and secret agents.

The other reason is that there is so much crime on this earth. Think ofrepparttar 118234 murderers,repparttar 118235 robbers, andrepparttar 118236 rapists. Too many guns! Too many bad people. Someone has either been murdered, robbed or raped as you read this. If that person is not you, give glory to God.

Additionally, this earth has been polluted beyond any saying of it. The seas have been turned into sewers, toxic wastes dotrepparttar 118237 land, while fog have taken overrepparttar 118238 atmosphere. So you can see that this earth is no longer safe for habitation.

Religious fundamentalists are not even helping matters. These preachers of hate encourage their followers to go about with knives hidden under their robes and bombs strapped to their waists withrepparttar 118239 intent to killrepparttar 118240 'infidels' and get a one-way ticket to heaven. And since there are so many heaven lovers,repparttar 118241 ‘infidels' who are dwelling on earth have no place to hide. So these arerepparttar 118242 reasons why we must all vacate earth and go to live on Mars.

But make no mistake about it. It will be easier for a camel to pass throughrepparttar 118243 needle's eye than for you to get visa to Mars. Because there would be physical, mental, and moral security checks since no social psychopath would be needed on Mars.

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