Good, Bad or Indifferent

Written by Bob Osgoodby

It has been said that person's reputation isrepparttar most important thing they have. Good, Bad or Indifferent, whatever it is, it will shape their life, as well as their future.

Many people who start a business fall intorepparttar 125051 "Indifferent" category, as they have not had time to build one. This is one reason people who are starting a business hire a spokesperson. It is normally someone who is well known, and respected in his or her field.

If you intend to do business onrepparttar 125052 web a good reputation is extremely important. The web is a difficult medium to pursue a business on if you are unknown. That is why it is important to have a web site that gives your prospective customers information about, not only your business, but you as well. A short paragraph or two with a picture will go a long way.

But that is justrepparttar 125053 beginning. You must also be known onrepparttar 125054 web as a person who is knowledgeable in your field. There are a number of ways to do this, and exposure isrepparttar 125055 key. How can you get your name in front of people as an expert.

Some gorepparttar 125056 "spam" route, which is a mistake. You might get to be well known, but most people have a dislike for this type of email. You just may be building a "bad" reputation, and wind up being someone they consciously avoid. I receive information from forged addresses, concerning recasting my home mortgage, on a daily basis. These arerepparttar 125057 last people I would do business with.

Writing articles is a good way to get known. Publishers have an ongoing need for fresh articles and normally welcome submissions. A search ofrepparttar 125058 web will quickly find publications, which would be suitable for your submissions. You should also publish your articles at web sites that allow submission there. Many publishers frequent these sites looking for content for their publications. A good place to start is Rozey Gean's site at: where you can easily submit your article.

A New "Twist" On Link Swaps

Written by Bob McElwain

Well, it may be an old "twist," actually. But I only began seeing it this year. Likely I've been sucked in before, and never noticed. Butrepparttar reason for bringing it up now, is that I was hit by this "twist" four times last month. It goes like this.

Somebody writes a very good message explaining they've added a link to my site. And would like me to link to them. I get lots of these every month, and discard most immediately becauserepparttar 125050 presentation demonstrates it wouldn't be a good idea. I don't even have to visitrepparttar 125051 site to see it's so.

But these four, I did check out. For they were, as stated, well written. In each case, I found a very nicely annotated link to my site, just where I was invited to look.

Okay. Back torepparttar 125052 home page. Let's see ifrepparttar 125053 site looks okay. Yep. Not bad. At least some of my visitors would be interested. So sure, let's go for it.

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