Gone Fishing ???

Written by Anita Foley

When I was young, my Dad used to take me fishing. It didn't take too many trips out on that little motor boat to learn thatrepparttar ocean is a very BIG place. Even though I knew there were millions of fish swimming around, there was no guarantee that we'd go home with a bucketful atrepparttar 101110 end ofrepparttar 101111 day. We would have to use a variety of bait and fishing techniques to make a catch.

Marketing your business onrepparttar 101112 Internet is a lot like going fishing. There are millions of potential customers ("fish") surfing around out there, but there's no guarantee you'll hook any of them byrepparttar 101113 end ofrepparttar 101114 day. Just like fishing, you'll have to use a variety of ads ("bait") and some marketing skills ("fishing techniques") to make a catch.

When we went fishing, my Dad taught me that to catch different kinds of fish, you needed to use different kinds of bait. Marketing online also requires you to use a variety of "bait", depending onrepparttar 101115 kind of "fish" you want to catch.

Your ads are your bait and you will need to use different ads to attract different customers. Writing ads is a skill you will definitely want to master before you "go fishing".

I've done a lot of research on how to write a "good" ad. But whatrepparttar 101116 pros consider good and what actually works can be two different things. Sometimes whatrepparttar 101117 experts might consider a bad ad is actuallyrepparttar 101118 one that works! That's because different writing styles appeal to different people.

Sizzle and razzle-dazzle ads work for some people, serene and sensible ones work for others. You may be always writing your own ads inrepparttar 101119 style that appeals to you as a buyer. Therefore, you’ll want to try writing in a different style, even if it doesn't appeal to you. For example, here's a work from home ad written in two different styles:

STYLE 1 - Razzle Dazzle

Make BIG money working from home. Now you can liverepparttar 101120 life of your dreams, spend more time with your family, secure your financial future, and get what you want from life. Hurry, limited time only. Click here NOW!

Are You A Copy Cat?

Written by Jerry Robertson

How many times a day have you seenrepparttar same ad? If you are like me, you hitrepparttar 101109 delete key and go on. The product or service may be outstanding, but you need to get your ad read first to be successful.

Many affiliate programs give you ads to run. The problem is that thousands of people runrepparttar 101110 same ad word for word. What should you do to be different?

It is best to make your own ad. Userepparttar 101111 ads thatrepparttar 101112 affiliate program gives you as a guide. Using your own words can make a huge difference. Make sure your headline is definitely different. If your headline is not appealing, your ad will never get a look. Here are 10 tips to help you with writing ads:

1. Make a file and keep copies ofrepparttar 101113 fantastic ads. Make sure you look at newspapers and magazines also to find excellent ads.

2. Your headline isrepparttar 101114 most important part. You should write at least 15 headlines, before you finally pickrepparttar 101115 perfect one.

3. Here are some examples of effective headlines:How To and putting your headline in a form of a question can be big winners.

4. The word " Free" can be effective if used inrepparttar 101116 right situation.

5. Don't try to sell from your ad. You want to getrepparttar 101117 customer curious and wanting more information.

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