Golfing Guavaberry in the Dominican Republic - A Golf Feature for Women

Written by Lise Lacasse

Golfing Guavaberry inrepparttar Dominican Republic

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We Canadians consider ourselves a hearty people, however,repparttar 139419 2003 winter was excessively bitter cold and endless. By February we had had enough and were ready to trade in our winter boots for a pair of sandals.

Travel ads forrepparttar 139420 Caribbean beckoned us south likerepparttar 139421 Siren's called to Odysseus. One by one our colleagues seemed to disappear for a week then reappear sporting tans and relaxed smiles. Feeling left out, a person can crack underrepparttar 139422 pressure andrepparttar 139423 decision is made. South or bust!!!

I walked into my kitchen and yelled at nobody in particular, "I'm officially sick of winter!", I emailed my editor and suggested he plan a trip south to write a golf article. He jealously obliged and my travel companion and I soon began planning a golf/relaxation trip torepparttar 139424 Dominican Republic, to write about two new Hilton properties (Marien Coral by Hilton andrepparttar 139425 Costa Caribe Coral by Hilton) andrepparttar 139426 Guavaberry Golf Resort. Our departure date couldn't arrive too soon! The Dominican Republic is a well-known favorite destination of Canadians from Newfoundland to British Columbia. It isrepparttar 139427 second largest island inrepparttar 139428 Caribbean, with a population of eight million and a landmass of 48, 442 square kilometers. The island offers something for everyone - seductive sunsets,repparttar 139429 highest mountains inrepparttar 139430 Caribbean, rolling landscapes, villas, busy cities, and over 1,500 kilometers of gorgeous beaches. The island is actually entitled (Hispa˝iola) and hosts two countries: Haiti andrepparttar 139431 Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic is located onrepparttar 139432 east side ofrepparttar 139433 island and is surrounded byrepparttar 139434 Atlantic Ocean andrepparttar 139435 Caribbean Sea.

My traveling companion, Kevin, an avid bogey golfer like myself, and I, flew into Puerto Plata, located onrepparttar 139436 northern tip ofrepparttar 139437 island. We were looking forward to experiencing and writing about two hotels recently acquired by Hilton andrepparttar 139438 Guavaberry golf course.

Prior to departing we consideredrepparttar 139439 best method of getting aroundrepparttar 139440 island. We obtained maps; we inquired about car rates and researched public transportation and hotel shuttle services. Inrepparttar 139441 end we were undecided and concluded that this was one item we could arrange upon arrival. We have driven in many places including: London, England; Athens, Greece; Germany and even Montreal. Heck, if you can drive in Montreal without an insurance claim, you can drive anywhere, right? As a result, we opted to a rent a car to get us aroundrepparttar 139442 island. Figuring we're both careful and confident drivers and competent navigators, we didn't anticipate too many problems.

Our arrival inrepparttar 139443 Dominican was a pleasant and swift custom's experience and we quickly found ourselves outsiderepparttar 139444 quaint airport watchingrepparttar 139445 taxis and buses come and go, and allrepparttar 139446 other tourists boarding their all-inclusive package shuttles.

Revering a Las Vegas Tee (Golf) Party

Written by Mel Barosay

Revering a Las Vegas Tee (Golf) Party

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Perched high aboverepparttar southern Las Vegas Valley inrepparttar 139418 Black Mountain foothills of Henderson isrepparttar 139419 sensational and beautiful oasis known as Revere Golf Club. Withrepparttar 139420 7,143-yard Lexington Course all ready in commission for several years, andrepparttar 139421 soon to be opened Concord Course (June, 2002), this revolutionary golf experience truly provides golfers of all skills levels withrepparttar 139422 "shot heard aroundrepparttar 139423 world."

Since 1986,repparttar 139424 union of Billy Casper and Greg Nash has broughtrepparttar 139425 golf community some of its most visually stunning and enjoyable courses. Casper is a veteran of more than 51 PGA victories, including two U.S. Open titles and a Masters Championship, and represents an extraordinary understanding ofrepparttar 139426 game of golf.

Nash is a gifted architect who brings an artistic flare for aesthetic quality torepparttar 139427 table. The two have designed courses worldwide and have built a stellar reputation for their Phoenix-based company. Their unique use of multiple tees, wide landing areas, expansive greens, strategically placed hazards and high risk-reward potential, give Casper/Nash coursesrepparttar 139428 flexibility to please players of all skill levels. Their popularity is attributed torepparttar 139429 fact that they takerepparttar 139430 necessary time to learnrepparttar 139431 land's requirements,repparttar 139432 owner's expectations andrepparttar 139433 needs ofrepparttar 139434 course's future players.

Among their best-known works are Club Terravita in Scottsdale, Anthem Country Club in Anthem, Nevada, Los Caballeros Golf Club in Wickenburg, all in Arizona, Highland Falls Golf Club in Las Vegas, andrepparttar 139435 Sun City Palm Springs Golf Club in California. Together since 1986, they have created more than 25 golf courses acrossrepparttar 139436 country and in several countries aroundrepparttar 139437 world.

Along withrepparttar 139438 golf experience of The Revere Golf Club,repparttar 139439 exceptional clubhouse facility provides world-class amenities and exceptional guest services. Men's and ladies apparel, footwear, headwear and golf equipment lacerepparttar 139440 Pro Shop to ensurerepparttar 139441 golfer has every opportunity to be provided with quality and memorable merchandise.

The Golf Shop Operations was recently acclaimed as "Top 100 Best Golf Shops inrepparttar 139442 U.S." For reinforcements there isrepparttar 139443 restaurant, providing plated breakfast, lunch and dinner entreÚs, in addition to bar, hors d'oeuvres, buffets, catering for private parties, and private chef services.

Likerepparttar 139444 foundations of American ideals, Revere Golf Club will test your skills, challenge your nerves, and inspire every golfer's soul. Withrepparttar 139445 trend in Las Vegas to build a better and more exciting golf facility, Revere Golf Club still maintains its prominence withrepparttar 139446 best even as other, newer facilities joinrepparttar 139447 fraternity.

The course designers of Billy Casper and Greg Nash carefully niched a green belt throughrepparttar 139448 naturally rugged desert canyons and valleys ofrepparttar 139449 Las Vegas foothills to construct The Revere. Coined as one of "the top ten best golf courses inrepparttar 139450 United States," The Revere at Anthem provides golfers with several signature holes.

Hole number 7 - Kings Chapel is a 489-yard, par-5 desert target layout protected throughout with sand traps on both sides ofrepparttar 139451 uphill fairway. With dramatic views ofrepparttar 139452 Las Vegas Valley,repparttar 139453 golfer tees-off to a downhill fairway with a large landing area and hits his second shot to an uphill terrain. The high-recognizable, three-level waterfall rushes downrepparttar 139454 cliffs beyondrepparttar 139455 green to igniterepparttar 139456 feeling of accomplishment upon arrival.

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