Golfers – Here’s a Short Drive That Will Not Disappoint

Written by Evans Putman

Are you planning a golf vacation to Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head or Kiawah Island inrepparttar near future? We know you will spendrepparttar 149357 majority of your time teeing it up on allrepparttar 149358 beautiful golf courses. We would, however, like to suggest a day-trip to see a new engineering marvel and North American record holder.

Charleston is well known for its rich historical landmarks. Nowrepparttar 149359 city is providing a look intorepparttar 149360 future. On July 16, 2005repparttar 149361 longest cable-stay bridge in North America opens in Charleston, SC. Believe me, this is one short drive that won’t disappoint you.

The new Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge replaces two bridges that have graced Charleston’s skyline for decades. This record-setting bridge features two diamond-shaped towers more than 570 feet tall, eight traffic lanes and a pedestrian lane. The towers are so tall that you might even spot them while onrepparttar 149362 golf course at Kiawah Island.

Here are a few facts aboutrepparttar 149363 new Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge.

Overall length: 3.5 miles

Tower height: 573.5 feet (Largest Concrete structures in South Carolina)

Roadway section betweenrepparttar 149364 two towers: 1,546 feet

Main span deck: 186 feet aboverepparttar 149365 Cooper River

Concrete: 320,000 cubic yards

Construction time: 4 years and 1 month

If you are still thinking to yourself, “why should I give up a day of golf to see a bridge?” I don’t blame you. Actually, you don’t have to give up golf at all.

Cycling Strategies at the Tour De France

Written by Rooster

Torepparttar casual observer,repparttar 149224 Tour De France is just a bicycle race, a feat of strength and endurance, participated in by teams of men from aroundrepparttar 149225 world. But winning this almost century old race has more to do with mental toughness and team strategy than one would imagine. Lance Armstrong recognizes this better than anybody, as evidenced by his long string of consecutive Tour De France victories. Of course, to win, you also need incredible strength and stamina, several high dollar touring bicycles, a multitude of bicycle accessories, years of course preparation andrepparttar 149226 work ethic of an eighteenth century immigrant.

To really have a chance to winrepparttar 149227 Tour De France takes more than a year’s subscription torepparttar 149228 Cycling News. You need more than justrepparttar 149229 incredible strength of Lance Armstrongrepparttar 149230 leader ofrepparttar 149231 Discovery Pro Cycling Team,repparttar 149232 ultra-rare combination of slow and fast twitch muscles and an incredibly expensive performance touring bike. You need to understandrepparttar 149233 peloton andrepparttar 149234 role it plays in supportingrepparttar 149235 leader. You must understandrepparttar 149236 importance ofrepparttar 149237 time trial. You also have to understand and embracerepparttar 149238 chivalrous code of racing practiced by these incredible athletes.

Limits of this Article

To cover bicycle racing strategy completely would fill volumes. Bicycle racing is a science that has been researched for over one hundred years by thousands of dedicated enthusiasts. Therefore, to conform torepparttar 149239 space and time constraints of this article, I’ll mention just a couple ofrepparttar 149240 major points.

Peaking atrepparttar 149241 Right Time

Pre race strategy is probablyrepparttar 149242 most important ingredient inrepparttar 149243 formula to win a Tour de France. Competitors arrive in France weeks, sometimes months in advance to train onrepparttar 149244 course. For them, this is no casual European bicycle tour. Riders and coaches evaluate every variable. Heart rates are measured and recovery rates are scrutinized. Blood samples are taken on training days and then again on days off to measure glycogen and lactic acid. Nutrition is a science for these dedicated athletes and their coaches. Food is analyzed atrepparttar 149245 molecular level; menus are planned months in advance and adjusted according to humidity and temperature. Allrepparttar 149246 whilerepparttar 149247 athletes and coaches are trying to accomplish one simple goal. They wantrepparttar 149248 competitor to be at his physical peak onrepparttar 149249 day ofrepparttar 149250 start ofrepparttar 149251 Tour de France.

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