Golfer: Keep An Eye on The Ball

Written by Jose L. Gonzalez

You hear this mantra in every sport keep your eye onrepparttar ball! Its a perfect chant forrepparttar 148771 golf player at every turn. If you cant seerepparttar 148772 ball clearly, your chances of hitting it are slim to none!

When you look atrepparttar 148773 ball, you want to keep your eyes on one spot. Dont look at your club to see if its squared torepparttar 148774 ball. Dont let your eye followrepparttar 148775 club as you draw it away

Just focus onrepparttar 148776 ball nothing else.

Also, when you look atrepparttar 148777 ball, try to get a birds eye view of it. Your eyes are about a foot aboverepparttar 148778 pivotal center so raising your shoulders isnt going to help you seerepparttar 148779 ball better. Dont gaze atrepparttar 148780 ball alongrepparttar 148781 line ofrepparttar 148782 shaft of your club. Look down onrepparttar 148783 ball rather than get your angles alongrepparttar 148784 shaft. This will give you much better results and you wont have a tendency to look up too soon.

Now, theres a natural tendency in everyone to look away when you start to drawrepparttar 148785 club back. Ignore that tendency and just keep looking down on top ofrepparttar 148786 ball.

When you're looking down you'll notice that (if youre leaning over properly)repparttar 148787 only way you can keeprepparttar 148788 club head inrepparttar 148789 line of flight is to keep your hands moving along parallel with that line. Sweep your hands along withrepparttar 148790 club head whilerepparttar 148791 ball and head are in contact.

Golf Is All In Your Head

Written by Jose L. Gonzalez

Have you ever read one golf players valuable advice, only to findrepparttar next day a different professional vehemently disagreeing and advocatingrepparttar 148770 exact opposite? One pro fanatically advises to keep your head straight. Later, another person comes along and gives completely contradictory advice.

Whats a golfer to do?

Listen to me, of course.

Were all different, and no two people play exactly alike. So dont get too caught up in this or that different method.

But there are some basic fundamentals that can make you or break you. And Im advising fanatically that you keep your head absolutely still and not move it fromrepparttar 148771 spot in which you start.

You cant keep your head still if you stiffen your muscles. By keeping your head still, you loosen up and this allows you to finish your stroke smoothly and naturally. Keeping your head still also prevents slicing since you dont have to draw your hands in to keep your balance.

One championship winner admitted that every time he stepped up torepparttar 148772 ball, at every shot he repeated to himself, “Keep your head still. Keep your head still.” Its a vital aspect torepparttar 148773 game too many players overlook.

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