Golf Travel Bags – Choose Wisely to Protect Your Investment

Written by Evans Putman

Planning a golf vacation? Don’t forget to protect your golf clubs by choosingrepparttar right golf travel bag. How do you chooserepparttar 149121 golf travel bag that is right for you? Let’s take a quick look at three different styles to help you makerepparttar 149122 right choice.

Remember, choosingrepparttar 149123 right golf travel bag isn’t only aboutrepparttar 149124 bag itself. Golfers planning a golf vacation or just looking for protection on short golf trips should ask themselves a few questions before making a purchase.

What is your budget for a golf travel bag?

Do you travel frequently with your golf clubs?

Do your golf trips mostly include air travel or auto travel?

With these questions in mind, let’s take a quick look atrepparttar 149125 different styles of golf travel bags andrepparttar 149126 benefits and negatives each offers.

Hybrid Travel Bags

These types of golf travel bags are essentially a golf bag with a hard top to protect your clubs. Unlike other styles, hybrids do not protect your day-to-day golf bag.

Hybrids will help golf travelers with space restrictions. They require less space than other models and also weigh less.

However, hybrid golf travel bags are not your golf bag. Therefore you must unpack and pack all of your golf gear each time you travel. These types of bags are also notrepparttar 149127 best choice for airline travel.

For golfers who travel more often by automobile and have an extra set of golf clubs, hybrid golf travel bags are a good choice.

Golfers can pick up a hybrid golf travel bag for as little as $60 with top ofrepparttar 149128 line bags going for around $230.

Soft Golf Travel Bags

Think of this style of travel bags as a soft, padded, glove that covers your day-to-day golf bag and clubs. Usually, these bags come with a rigid bottom and wheels to help golfers carry them from location to location.

If you love to carry a lot of golf gear on your travels, then soft-style cases might berepparttar 149129 right choice for you. You can travel with your day-to-day bag and stuff it with your other gear and golf accessories. These travel bags also breaks down easily and take up less storage space than hard case bags.

Uk Horse Racing -Backing Favorites

Written by Dave Renham

I have researched some statistics that will give you more chance of finding that winning horse racing bet, or more importantly avoiding a losing one. I have tried to look at some more unusual angles, that people may not be so aware of. I have used data from 1986 to 2002 : 1. The sex of a horse makes a difference when carrying a penalty. Colts and geldings have a far superior record to fillies and mares.

Colts / geldings when carrying a penalty - 1523 wins from 7672 runners. Strike rate 19.9% for a small loss on investment of 3.8%.

Fillies / mares when carrying a penalty - 510 wins from 2981 runners. Strike rate 17.1% for a much bigger loss on investment of 16.8%.

2. Horses blinkered forrepparttar first time are known to be poor investments. However, these investments get worserepparttar 149079 olderrepparttar 149080 horse.

2 year olds blinkered forrepparttar 149081 first time - 213 wins from 3468 runners. Strike rate 6.1% for a loss of 44.6%.

5 year olds or older blinkered forrepparttar 149082 first time - 54 wins from 1356 runners. Strike rate 4.0% for a loss of 54.8%.

3. Races with no last time out winners are less competitive than those with 5 or more last time out winners.

This fact looks logical, but do people take this into account when betting?

Backingrepparttar 149083 favourite in a race with no last time out winners gaverepparttar 149084 following results - Strike rate 29.1% for a loss of only 8.2%.

Backingrepparttar 149085 favourite in a race with 5 or more last time out winners gaverepparttar 149086 following results - Strike rat 21.5% for a loss of over 17%.

4. Horses that are forecast favourites do considerably better if they actually start as favourite.

Horses that are forecast favourite and are favourite atrepparttar 149087 “off ” (favourite at SP) win 34.8% of their races.

Horses that are forecast favourite and are not favourite atrepparttar 149088 “ off ” win only 18.2% of their races.

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