Golf Bag Tips - How To Care For Your Clubs

Written by Mike Ross

You have invested a ton of money in your golf clubs and bag. It makes sense, then, that you would want to care for your clubs and bag so that you getrepparttar most use out of them. These following golf bag tips and golf club tips will help you do just that.

These tips are suitable for an ancient golf bag with dividers, an old set of golf clubs that you inherited from your grandfather, orrepparttar 142431 finest set of clubs and bag that money can buy.

One ofrepparttar 142432 best tips for caring for your bags and clubs is to keep them indoors when you're not using them. Many golfers tend to leave their bag in their car trunk or in their garage. But this exposesrepparttar 142433 bag to drastic changes in temperature and moisture, both of which can ruin a nice bag and set of golf clubs.

Skipjack was The Key

Written by nlcatfish

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Skipjack Wasrepparttar 142430 Key

This morning I got my boat set up at my favorite fishing spot. I was using 2 rods today. One was baited with a chunk of skipjack,repparttar 142431 other with tuna blood vein. The rod withrepparttar 142432 skipjack started tapping, then it bent down. The fish was hooked andrepparttar 142433 fight was joined. My reward for this effort was a 12 pound Channel cat 29 inches long. Took my normal 2 photos ofrepparttar 142434 fish and put him back to fight another day. Put on fresh bait and castrepparttar 142435 line back intorepparttar 142436 river. I did get a light tap onrepparttar 142437 blood vein before heading for another place.

I moved my boat down river forrepparttar 142438 second spot to fish. The wind started blowing up river, so I had to put out my back anchor to holdrepparttar 142439 boat steady. Stayed there for a good 45 minutes without a bite. I pulled uprepparttar 142440 anchors and started checking out other spots. I looked overrepparttar 142441 area of places I thought would hold fish. Nothing really showed up with my fish finder to stay anywhere to fish. I returned torepparttar 142442 place I started and was protected fromrepparttar 142443 wind. I left that area just after 25 minutes of no action.

My final spot was a place I had marked fish with my fish finder inrepparttar 142444 past, but never fished. Once again had I to put both anchors out to holdrepparttar 142445 boat steady. I baited both rods up with skipjack this time. About 5 minutes later I noticed a good tap on my inside rod. I picked uprepparttar 142446 rod andrepparttar 142447 fish took off, so got

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