Golf Amongst the Coyotes at Paiute Golf Course

Written by Mel Barosay

Golf Amongstrepparttar Coyotes at Paiute Golf Course

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It is 39o at 5:00 a.m. on a dark, but clear early November morning in Las Vegas. Loading a golf bag inrepparttar 139364 car and heading 77 miles on I-15 North to Mesquite, Nevada (a town named for its hardwood Mesquite groves when settled By Mormon families in 1880).

Vegas Show TicketsOnrepparttar 139365 agenda forrepparttar 139366 day isrepparttar 139367 "crown jewel" ofrepparttar 139368 Mesquite master-planned community,repparttar 139369 Oasis Golf Course. The rear view mirror provides a picture ofrepparttar 139370 island (they call Las Vegas), rich in resource and life with all its glimmering lights. Asrepparttar 139371 speed limit is increased to 75 m.p.h., and abandoning other headlights from behind while passingrepparttar 139372 last bastions ofrepparttar 139373 outer Twilight Zone (Nellis AFB),repparttar 139374 glimpse of sunrise inrepparttar 139375 high eastern sky is apparent. Ambivalence is experienced duringrepparttar 139376 get away fromrepparttar 139377 vexation ofrepparttar 139378 city to senserepparttar 139379 race against sunlight, andrepparttar 139380 feeling of beingrepparttar 139381 first golfer to tee off and touchrepparttar 139382 virginity ofrepparttar 139383 unwielded golf course. Going forth to hear a new story and experience in yet another new golf adventure

A little over an hour later, as daybreak just occurred,repparttar 139384 Arnold Palmer-designed Oasis Golf Course, which is recognized as one ofrepparttar 139385 top 5 best new resort golf courses in North America and is rated amongrepparttar 139386 "top 10 you can play" by Golf Digest is evident. Immediately greeted graciously by Randy (the Director of Golf) and his staff,repparttar 139387 golf cart is loaded with a brief set of course facts and nuances and onto tee #1.

The first thing that strikes an avid golfer aboutrepparttar 139388 Arnold Palmer design isrepparttar 139389 hilly terrain with meandering fairways. This requires concentration to perfectly positionrepparttar 139390 drive, otherwiserepparttar 139391 second shot will be inrepparttar 139392 thicker rough, and out of position to reachrepparttar 139393 green in regulation since there are many blind shots over rolling mounds and into gullies. This providesrepparttar 139394 golfer with plenty of course management options, includingrepparttar 139395 use ofrepparttar 139396 draw and fade. The course starts out and finishes as a typical master-planned golf course community with new, upper-scale homes and commercial space trimming its desert target course layout. Beautiful man-made creeks and landscaping lacerepparttar 139397 first four holes, and lakes and cascading water fountains maskrepparttar 139398 most ofrepparttar 139399 latter back nine

Afterrepparttar 139400 first few holes, a golfer can't help but noticerepparttar 139401 scorecard is colored yellow, starting on hole #5 thru #8. As one marks their score and proceeds to #5, they are greeted with a majestic view of one ofrepparttar 139402 prettiest holes a golfer can be bestowed with! Just inrepparttar 139403 few moments it takes to travel inrepparttar 139404 cart from holes #4 to #5, you are perched some 75 feet aboverepparttar 139405 carpet-like fairway which looks as if it was cut intorepparttar 139406 rugged sandstone canyon andrepparttar 139407 grass poured by a helicopter with "liquid seed." The golfer is truly presented withrepparttar 139408 next golf challenge, a par 5, 512-yard downhill and narrow hole with reachable sand traps, utilizingrepparttar 139409 natural features ofrepparttar 139410 canyon it was placed in. No more signs of man, just a poster sign indicating you are entering an environmentally sensitive area and entry to these domains are prohibited (oh, yes, this is where I first linked-up with Wayne, my amiable Quasi Guide and Course Ambassador who stood onrepparttar 139411 meticulous-contoured green some aloofness away and graciously escorted me later throughoutrepparttar 139412 back nine). Also, these holes are a reptile sanctuary, so hit your ball straight, or forever lose it, and remember why there is yellow coloring on your scorecard

It was a triple scoop at Cascata. - A Golf Course Fit For Caesar

Written by Janice Wilson

It was a triple scoop at Cascata. - A Golf Course Fit For Caesar

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It was a triple scoop at Cascata.

One scoop of celebrity surprises, second scoop spectacular scenery, andrepparttar third scoop was filled with sensational golf whenrepparttar 139363 Michael Douglas and Friends Celebrity Golf Tournament converged at Cascata Golf Course in Boulder City, Nevada. It was one of those spring days that you felt lucky to be alive! (Opening photo: Michael Douglas celebrates "Closest torepparttar 139364 Hole" win atrepparttar 139365 Michael Douglas & Friends charity golf event at Cascata.).

Being part ofrepparttar 139366 paparazzi forrepparttar 139367 day and experiencingrepparttar 139368 rush of star power mixed with media frenzy, andrepparttar 139369 thrill of competitive golf was scintillating. Michael Douglas, Kenny G. , Andy Garcia, Heather Locklear, Shelby Lynne, Kyle Mac Lachlan, Leslie Nielsen, Haley Joel Osment, William Petersen, Joe Pesci, Martin Sheen, Robert Wagner, Mark Whalberg. and Luke Wilson, providedrepparttar 139370 star power and sportsmanship to tee off for a good cause and raise money forrepparttar 139371 Motion Picture and Television Fund for members ofrepparttar 139372 film industry who have fallen on hard times. Past events have raised more than $1.5 million.

They say, "Do what you love andrepparttar 139373 money will follow!" These celebrities proved this to be true as they competed forrepparttar 139374 Lexus $1 million hole-in-one shoot out that occurred just prior torepparttar 139375 taping ofrepparttar 139376 6th annual Michael Douglas & Friends Celebrity Golf presented by Lexus. They all gathered onrepparttar 139377 practice tee warming up their swing forrepparttar 139378 shoot out. It didn't seem quite fair that these celebrities could be great golfers AND super-stars as well.

Vegas Show TicketsAlice Cooper plays golf 254 days a year, although I found out that he's never played with his makeup on. He's a scratch golfer. Haley Joel Osment fromrepparttar 139379 Sixth Sense, is sixteen years old and gave allrepparttar 139380 others quite a run for their money. (He had his own peanut gallery of twelve-year-old girls following him around.) Haley plays on his high school golf team. Kenny G. had great rhythm to his swing. Andy Garcia was just as sexy in person as he is inrepparttar 139381 movies. Mark Walberg from Sex inrepparttar 139382 City, takesrepparttar 139383 game seriously, while Heather Locklear looked as great in person as she does onrepparttar 139384 screen. She's quite a free spirit! Shelby Lynne,repparttar 139385 country western singer looked likerepparttar 139386 only beginner, but she was such a good sport no one minded. Tom Arnold, with his size thirteen shoes declared himselfrepparttar 139387 comic relief in his foursome. Robert Wagner wasrepparttar 139388 penultimate gentleman and gave Shelby Lynne a few golf tips to ease her nervousness. Everyone was ready to showrepparttar 139389 crowd that they could compete withrepparttar 139390 best of them.

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