Goldfish Tips - Finding Out The Gender of Your Goldfish

Written by Dane Stanton

Boy or Girl?

How can you tell whether your Goldfish is male or female? You might want to know because you want to breed them, or give themrepparttar right name before Jack turns out to berepparttar 146997 mother Goldfish! Here are some clues that might help you sort outrepparttar 146998 Goldfish boys fromrepparttar 146999 Goldfish girls:

* The female Goldfish are slightly bigger thanrepparttar 147000 males and look even heavier inrepparttar 147001 abdomen when they are full of eggs.

* Male Goldfish develop white spots on their gills and pectoral called “breeding tubercles” during spawning time.

* Males have midline ridges on their undersides beginning fromrepparttar 147002 back of their pelvic fins and ending at their vent opening. This feature can be absent or smaller in females.

* Males have firm abdomen while in females;repparttar 147003 area betweenrepparttar 147004 pelvic fins andrepparttar 147005 anal fins is more pliable.

* Male Goldfish have longer and pointed pectorals as well as stiff fin ray, while females have more rounded pectorals and shorter, finer front fin rays.

Goldfish Outdoors

Written by Dane Stanton

How do you build a goldfish pond outdoors?

The tools you will need are a shovel, pond liner and underlayment, a long enough rope, coping stones and decorations, plants, a pump (you will need a pump to run a filter, fountain, or waterfall and it will keeprepparttar water circulating andrepparttar 146996 plants healthy), a filter system and some cooperative friends or family members. Now you can get started.

Time to choose Several options are available and you could actually build a goldfish pond in a day, depending onrepparttar 146997 size you want it to be. Begin by deciding where inrepparttar 146998 garden you would like a goldfish pond.

* It should be near your house, as that would make it more accessible to power supply sockets.

* It should not be atrepparttar 146999 end of a sloping garden because when it rains allrepparttar 147000 water along withrepparttar 147001 chemicals fromrepparttar 147002 garden would run intorepparttar 147003 pond.

* It should not be under too much of shade, as a pond needs at least four hours of sunlight.

* It shouldn’t be very near trees asrepparttar 147004 falling leaves and debris would fall in and clogrepparttar 147005 pond. You would be cleaning up allrepparttar 147006 time.

Time to dig

* Decide onrepparttar 147007 shape and size ofrepparttar 147008 pond. Userepparttar 147009 rope to outlinerepparttar 147010 shape you want and then begin digging. That’s why you need a couple of helping hands so thatrepparttar 147011 work gets done faster!

* Do not go for a small pond for goldfish because they need space. Also try and keep different levels of depth, as in a swimming pool. Mark outrepparttar 147012 shallow areas andrepparttar 147013 deeper areas. This would giverepparttar 147014 pool a natural variety.

* Usually ponds in moderate climates should be at least 2 feet deep while in more colder climates, you would need to make sure thatrepparttar 147015 pond is deep enough to allow for at least 12" to 16" of water belowrepparttar 147016 freeze zone.

* Dig according torepparttar 147017 shape you want and dig a shelf-like level aroundrepparttar 147018 perimeter ofrepparttar 147019 pond, which is about one foot deep and one foot wide. Also make provisions for a waterfall by digging a slight slope to one end.

* Time now to positionrepparttar 147020 external pond filters. If you have pond skimmers as well, then you would need to place and level these inrepparttar 147021 proper places. Also dig a ditch torepparttar 147022 external pond pump fromrepparttar 147023 skimmer and fromrepparttar 147024 pump torepparttar 147025 external pond filter or waterfall.

Time to line

* Now you have to linerepparttar 147026 pond with what is called as Pond Underlayment. This is a lining that can be cut according torepparttar 147027 shape needed and can be taped together. This underlayment will helprepparttar 147028 pond lining to stay in place.

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