Goldfish Analysis

Written by Dane Stanton

When goldfish swim up torepparttar glass ofrepparttar 147000 tank, does it mean they are smart enough to recognize people?

Goldfish sure are smart not inrepparttar 147001 sense as dogs are, but they are smart. They will swim up to meet you probably because they think you are going to feed them. They might not be able to differentiate between one person andrepparttar 147002 other but they do know thatrepparttar 147003 people they live with arerepparttar 147004 caregivers. Know that they depend on you and hence love you.

Why is a new goldfish not moving in its bowl, when he is very much alive? Well first of all, he probably hates being in a bowl. Goldfish do not like bowls even though humans thinkrepparttar 147005 bowls are cute. Put him in a tank with a compatible companion goldfish. Meanwhile watchrepparttar 147006 fish. Is he coming up torepparttar 147007 top ofrepparttar 147008 tank when you feed him? If he is then, heís probably just getting used torepparttar 147009 new bowl. If it looks like he has difficulty swimming and that he keeps sinking torepparttar 147010 bottom he might have a swim bladder disorder caused by too much dry food and bad water.

Why is a goldfish swimming torepparttar 147011 top every once in a while? Goldfish keep swimming torepparttar 147012 surface ofrepparttar 147013 tank because thatís where they get their oxygen. Always make sure that there is enough empty space atrepparttar 147014 top. Do not fill uprepparttar 147015 tank torepparttar 147016 brim, as leaving space will give themrepparttar 147017 required oxygen. If your fish are normally active, swimming and chasing each other a round, donít worry if they swim torepparttar 147018 top every once in a while.

Why do goldfish always seem starving?

Thatís because they are greedy! Donít get tempted enough to feed them whenever they ask for it because overfeeding will cause them more harm. Besides, goldfish can never starve to death; they are always nibbling away at something orrepparttar 147019 other.

Keeping The Aquarium Clean

Written by Dane Stanton

You do clean your house donít you? Well you have to clean your Goldfishís house too and itís a lot simpler! Cleaning and maintaining a goldfish tank is a must because this breed is really dirty. Even a teenagerís room would be better than a goldfish tank thatís left alone for a week! The Goldfish are descendants ofrepparttar scavenger Carp fish and that makes them scavengers too. They will eat a lot, which means that they will produce a lot of fish waste that will degraderepparttar 146999 quality ofrepparttar 147000 water. More than a complete overhaul ofrepparttar 147001 tank, you will need to give frequent weekly cleanings.

How do you use a siphon to clean your goldfish tank?

You will need to use a siphon to clean your goldfish tank because it efficiently cleans uprepparttar 147002 muck, does not disturb your fish and is easy to use. Itís essential to use duringrepparttar 147003 partial water changes. A typical aquarium gravel vacuum would be a wide tube attached to a narrower siphon tube. By cleaningrepparttar 147004 gravel every week you would get rid of a lot of substances that could turn toxic for your fish over a period of time. Hereís how you beginrepparttar 147005 siphoning process:

* Put a bucket on a low stool or even onrepparttar 147006 floor in front ofrepparttar 147007 fish tank, and placerepparttar 147008 wide end ofrepparttar 147009 gravel vacuum inrepparttar 147010 tank.

* Now gently suck atrepparttar 147011 other end and hold it overrepparttar 147012 bucket. Once you feelrepparttar 147013 water flowing intorepparttar 147014 tube let it flow intorepparttar 147015 bucket. Be careful not to swallowrepparttar 147016 water though- but even if you do, it isnít going to be harmful!

* Now thatrepparttar 147017 siphon has started, userepparttar 147018 wider end to suck outrepparttar 147019 dirt and debris out ofrepparttar 147020 gravel and flow out ofrepparttar 147021 tank intorepparttar 147022 bucket.

* Passrepparttar 147023 vacuum end over allrepparttar 147024 gravel and keep doing so till you have removed 10 to 15% ofrepparttar 147025 water.

* If gravel gets stuck inrepparttar 147026 vacuum, releaserepparttar 147027 gravel by pluggingrepparttar 147028 other end ofrepparttar 147029 siphon tube with your finger or thumb.

* When you want to stoprepparttar 147030 siphon just raise both ends aboverepparttar 147031 level ofrepparttar 147032 tank

* To stoprepparttar 147033 siphon, simply raise either end ofrepparttar 147034 siphon aboverepparttar 147035 surface level ofrepparttar 147036 fish tank.

There are gravel vacuum that can be attached to a faucet but this would mean that you be putting back tap water directly intorepparttar 147037 tank which might not be good for your goldfish if there is a marked temperature difference. Also you would be adding allrepparttar 147038 chemicals present inrepparttar 147039 tap water without allowingrepparttar 147040 chlorine to evaporate. The best option is to keep a container of fresh water overnight.

The Weekly 10-15%

Cleaning your tank is essential to your goldfishís well being. In fact, both your plants and your goldfish need fresh, clean and healthy water to survive. All you need to do is set aside a little time every week to do what is called a Partial Water Change or 10-15% Water Change. This weekly routine will not only keep your aquarium look nice and clean, it will keep your goldfish healthy. Partial water changes are no sweat Ė all you have to do is scraperepparttar 147041 algae, vacuumrepparttar 147042 gravel and replacerepparttar 147043 water you remove with fresh water. Hereís what you need to do:

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