Golden Rules for Writing

Written by Sonali Raval

Golden Rules for Writing By: Sonali Raval, Writer at Work, MBA

Want to add punch to your words? Want to write copy that gets results? Here are some golden rules that make for powerful writing....

Oh, before you get all excited - a small note of caution. Not every writer will agree with me. But these are rules I have made for myself after a lot of trial and errors. I follow them no matter what I am writing. Even personal letters and emails. And they work. Always.

Definerepparttar "take-away" First things first. Define to yourselfrepparttar 129401 "take away" -repparttar 129402 one single message you wantrepparttar 129403 reader to understand and remember. This will determine what arguments you include and what facts you use to support your position.

The take away could be anything - your opinion on a topic, product benefits, what your company stands for... Byrepparttar 129404 way, in case I haven't made it clear yet - My "take-away" today is to leave you with some tips that will turn your text into "Writing that Works."

Know your audience Think of your audience as a person, not a customer base. Create a mental picture of ONE individual - her likes, dislikes, preferences, habits etc. Color it with as much detail as you can. Pay particular attention to two things - her understanding of your topic and her language ability. Then, write to HER. Pitch your words at her level, talk to her in a tone and voice she appreciates.

Tell a Story Stories fascinate us. That's why they sell so much.

If you surfrepparttar 129405 net, you must have come across tens of sales letters sayingrepparttar 129406 same thing - "I am an average guy, with average skills. Yet I am making tons of money. Buy my book / program / workshop / whatever... and I will show you how to do it." Believe it or not, these letters work! That's why there are so many floating around.

So, what’s an e-zine?

Written by Maria Marsala

Technically they’re written e-zine (not ezine) although calling them an electronic newsletter e-news or Internet newsletter i-news clarifies what they are much better. They were givenrepparttar name e-zine (short for electronic magazine). Some people pronouncerepparttar 129400 e-zeen and others say e-zin – however way you write it or say it, an e-zine should be a special e-mail, sent to you because you requested it.

E-zines are one way to build communities and relationships with a potentially large number of people, for a minimal cost. Instead of sending out a business newsletter, via postal mail, you can send anyone who requests, your e-zine.

An e-zine can consist of one tip or they can include

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