Golden Moments and Dog Training

Written by Ruth Bird

Let me introduce my dogs. I have 3, Nikki and Benny are my therapy dogs, and Dukie is my blind dog. Nikki is a 1 1/2 year golden retriever and Benny is my 5 year old black lab. Dukie is now 10 years and also a black lab.

Today I saw a picture of a ceramic rabbit statue forrepparttar garden; boy did it bring back loving memories. It also made me think ofrepparttar 148586 importance of training your dog. That is why I am writing this article.

When we first took our golden retriever up north torepparttar 148587 cottage she loved it. Of course she would, she was a golden after all, and goldens love cottage life,repparttar 148588 outdoors andrepparttar 148589 lakes!!

Now, my golden was running around lose, just having a great time. My husband, Chris and I were sitting outside talking with our friends who had a house besiderepparttar 148590 cottage.

All of a sudden my golden comes running right over to us, all exited and happy. Our golden always ran to us when she had something in her mouth, never away from us. WOW, she had gone hunting, and she was proud of it.

There in her mouth, was a rabbit!!

I started to freak, of course, but then on closer inspection (from my husband) we saw it was a "plastic rabbit" out of our friend's garden. This was one of those golden moments. My Katie Bear is gone now, I still miss her so much, and I will always miss her. I have a new golden, and I love her very much, but she does not replace my Katie Bear....

I shed a few tears of sadness because I still miss my Bear.

Thanks for letting me share my memories. Dog obedience, has always been very important to me. So, please please, train your dog. I can just never say this often enough. Your dog must obey you. Simple commands like: come, sit, stay, STOP! It is so important forrepparttar 148591 safety and enjoyment of your dog, especially duringrepparttar 148592 holiday and travel season.

Basset Hound Complete Profile

Written by

Key Facts:

Size: Low-slung, but heavy dog Height: 33 - 38 cm (13 - 15 inches) Weight: 18 - 32 kg (40 - 70 lb) Life Span: 11 years Grooming: Relatively easy Exercise: Steady but necessary Feeding: Has a hearty appetite Temperament: Placid & independent Country of Origin: England AKC Group: Hound

Temperament: The Basset Hound is good tempered, placid and affectionate. Basset Hounds can be disobedient and have a mind of their own. These dogs get on well with children and strangers, but Basset Hounds also happily accept unwanted intruders, therefore they do not makerepparttar best guard dog. Basset Hounds can be difficult to house train, but can be obedient with gentle, patient training. Basset Hounds enjoy companionship and make gentle pets with delightful personalities.

Grooming: Grooming forrepparttar 148565 Basset Hound is quite straightforward asrepparttar 148566 coat stays relatively clean without much attention. The loose and dead hairs can be removed with a rubber brush andrepparttar 148567 ears should be checked weekly and kept clean. The folds of skin may need to be cleaned from time to time andrepparttar 148568 claws should be kept short.

Exercise: Basset Hounds do not need a great deal of exercise and they will be quite happy with short regular walks. They can also get exercise by playing inrepparttar 148569 garden, but they should be kept in well-fenced backyards as they love to explore and wander.

Feeding: Basset Hound's have a hearty appetite. They need careful feeding in order to prevent gas forming inrepparttar 148570 stomach (bloat).

History: Originally descended fromrepparttar 148571 old French Hound, after a mutation of genes. The Basset Hound's legs became much shorter, while retainingrepparttar 148572 substance and general characteristics ofrepparttar 148573 breed. The name Basset is derived fromrepparttar 148574 French word 'bas' meaning low. Due to later crosses withrepparttar 148575 Bloodhound,repparttar 148576 breed took onrepparttar 148577 head structure ofrepparttar 148578 latter and improved it's scenting powers to be second only torepparttar 148579 Bloodhound. In France and Belgium, Basset Hounds were used to trail foxes, rabbits and game birds their shorter legs resulting in a slower pace and therefore less likely to scare their quarry. Added to that,repparttar 148580 heavier bodies (up to 22kg or 50lb) and low stature were an asset when working through dense cover.

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