Going public: now that you have successfully made the transition, what do you do?

Written by Joseph Quinones

Going public: Now that you have successfully maderepparttar transition, what do you do?

Ok, you have successfully accomplished your dream of beingrepparttar 148191 CEO of a public company. The stock of your company has a symbol and you are continually going torepparttar 148192 computer to checkrepparttar 148193 price, you tell all your relatives and friends and you even tried to encourage them to buyrepparttar 148194 stock.

You think your job is done, you selected and excellent market maker, you released a an announcement torepparttar 148195 financial news media, but nothing is happening.

If you are playing basketball and you make a three point shot do you sit onrepparttar 148196 court and admire your accomplishment or do you go back and play defense? You do not have to managerepparttar 148197 price ofrepparttar 148198 stock like so many CEO of newly listed companies try to do, instead you go back to work and userepparttar 148199 newly acquired tools to grow your company.

As a public company now you can now approach investors and let them now that you are working hard to growrepparttar 148200 company but if they should need some liquidityrepparttar 148201 market will provide it.

You can now go out and retain a public relations firm and make sure thatrepparttar 148202 investors know who you are and where to find you. But before you do this make sure that you can affordrepparttar 148203 investors relations company, otherwise you will have to learn how to promote your company and stay withinrepparttar 148204 legal boundaries as define byrepparttar 148205 regulators.

You will now be able to attract and retain more highly qualified personnel by offering stock options and bonuses. Because you will need them. Withrepparttar 148206 privilege of being a public company comes added responsibility, so you must have highly competent personnel to meetrepparttar 148207 challenge. Now as a public company you have received a tool to help you grow your company. As a public company you have stock with a known market value, The stock can be use for acquisitions.

Acquisitions must be made in a prudent manner, you have to make sure thatrepparttar 148208 companies have synergy and you are acquiring something of valuerepparttar 148209 will make your company larger and more prosperous.

Inventory Management 101

Written by Steven Ronsworth

Inventory management may seem complicated to some, but if one truly thinks about whatrepparttar words “inventory management” mean, it is a simple concept. Inventory is basically a list of goods and materials that are held by a business and are available in stock. Inventory management isrepparttar 148167 process of keeping track of inventory, and havingrepparttar 148168 delicate balance of supply and demand firmly mastered. When having inventory, a company does not ever want to have too much of a product, nor does it want to have not enough of that product to meet demand. Inventory management helps to ensure that a proper inventory is maintained at all times.

Benefits of Inventory Management

Inventory management has many benefits for companies. Companies are required to have a certain amount of inventory, but they do not want to have too much. Inventory costs money, so a company with too much inventory is wasting money and hurting itself. Inventory management can help make it so that a company hasrepparttar 148169 exact inventory needed. No more, no less. Inventory management is also an effective way to keep track of exactly what products a company has. If a company sells 100 different products, it is important to know how much of each product they have. This knowledge can be obtained through inventory management. Inventory management appears as an asset onrepparttar 148170 balance sheet for a company, but it also ties up money. That being said, managing one’s inventory is essential. Well-organized inventory management can help save a business unnecessary costs, while delivering products and services to customers more quickly and efficiently. This will eventually lead to increased customer satisfaction, giving a business a greater chance to retain customers and gain new customers. Successful implementation of inventory will improverepparttar 148171 entire business significantly

Inventory Management Software

Who managesrepparttar 148172 inventory? Naturally, businesses have jobs specifically designed for monitoring inventory. Today, as business technology becomes increasingly important and prevalent, inventory managers use software. Inventory management software may consists of a variety of programs. Most generally, inventory management software has databases in which information can be entered easily. Inventory management software also provides a central hub to find out information on all ofrepparttar 148173 inventory a company has. This is quite useful for any inventory manager, or a company deciding how much additional inventory to purchase.

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