Going public: The process for small and mid-size companies to go public.

Written by Joseph Quinones

Going public: The process for small and mid Size companies to go public.

Itísrepparttar dream of every person who starts a business to some day see it trading in one ofrepparttar 148740 stock exchanges even after they are no longer associated withrepparttar 148741 company. The first step (#1) is simple since most small company are already incorporated and have a board of directors, so we will start with #2.

Step. #2. Engage a consultant but not before doing a background check. This is a must becauserepparttar 148742 consultant who is supposed to be working for you may berepparttar 148743 very person to destroy your dream.

Simply typerepparttar 148744 consultants name in Google and if nothing comes up, tryrepparttar 148745 brokerage firm they were last associated with, to find out if they have been disciplined, or convicted of some crime byrepparttar 148746 Securities and Exchange Commission or some other regulatory body.

Many individuals when barred from participating in any securities transaction or from acting as consultants still do so in a stealth manner. Hoping that you will be impressed with their sales pitch and not bother looking into their background.

The reason most consultants do not have websites is because they do not wantrepparttar 148747 regulators to find out that they are involved in stock market related activities.

Step. #3. If you are not using a securities attorney, askrepparttar 148748 consultant to recommend a good one, he will probably know several. A good attorney is critical since you want him to knowrepparttar 148749 process and has done this many times before.

Step. # 4. Have an audit done, this a requirement and must be done prior to any filing withrepparttar 148750 Securities and Exchange Commission. The CEO needs to take an active part inrepparttar 148751 auditing process since underrepparttar 148752 new corporate governance lawsrepparttar 148753 he must affirmedrepparttar 148754 final audited financials as being accurate.

Step. #5. The officers and directors ofrepparttar 148755 company must decide what method they are going to use to achieve their goal of becoming a public company. This can be accomplish through a reverse merger and by doing a Regulation D (504) offering.

How Leaky is Your Sales Pipeline?

Written by Greg Chapman

Copyright 2005 Empower Business Solutions

Does your Sales Pipeline leak? If you answered no, you donít even understandrepparttar question. Every businessí Sales Pipeline leaks to some extent. The question is: Have you done everything you can to ensure that it does not leak excessively? Do you even know what your Sales Pipeline looks like?

Very simply, a Sales Pipeline starts with an initial enquiry and ends with a sale. Whilerepparttar 148739 Sales Pipeline looks different in each business, there are still some similarities between them. In all businesses, there is a need to generate enquiries. This can be done through advertising, cold calling, public relations or word of mouth. This enquiry may be a phone call in response to an ad. Or, in retail, a customer may walk in your front door attracted by your shopfront marketing. This isrepparttar 148740 first step ofrepparttar 148741 Sales Pipeline for any business. However, there are usually a number of steps from receiving an enquiry to generating a sale.

The next step might be getting an appointment withrepparttar 148742 prospect to establish their needs. In a retail situation,repparttar 148743 sales staff will ask: Can I help you? Once need is established, a second appointment may be made to present a proposal, or a quote may be provided. The final step in this generic Sales Pipeline would be to closerepparttar 148744 sale.

It is essential that every business owner understands their Sales Pipeline and where it leaks. Usingrepparttar 148745 generic pipeline above, what percentage of enquirers agrees to an initial appointment? How many of those agree to receive a formal proposal or ask for a quote? And finally, how many who receive a formal proposal or quote, are converted to sales? By understanding each step in your Sales Pipeline, you can measurerepparttar 148746 success in moving prospects alongrepparttar 148747 pipeline, and spot where your sales process needs to be improved.

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