Goethe Confesses

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

Goethe and Carlyle are Illuminized:

Carlyle was actually an activist for good government on issues like education andrepparttar library system which he started, as well asrepparttar 145123 Corn Law legislation. I agree with Carlyle about a Hero being a better form of government torepparttar 145124 cronyism we have and yet I knowrepparttar 145125 Council of Six approach (with no authority or pay - reporting to voters, and helping develop model programs through panels and advisors) would work much better.

THOMAS CARLYLE: - A most secretive yet very public intellectual who authored much about history yet begrudged having to do this. His biographers have yet to figure out whatrepparttar 145126 secret he kept from them was; even though some of them were close friends. I thinkrepparttar 145127 secret has to do withrepparttar 145128 likes of Goethe, they developed a great sense of admiration for each other. But it might be that Goethe ofrepparttar 145129 Illuminati, actually was less connected torepparttar 145130 true ruling body of our culture than Carlyle. His Swiftean influences seen in his book Sartor Restartus as well asrepparttar 145131 fact that his father was trained by a Mason, and they lived not far fromrepparttar 145132 Templar involved Rosslyn Castle ofrepparttar 145133 St. Clair or Sinclair family led me to believe he was a Hibernian like Nostradamus. Swift, Rabelais and others like Nostradamus would use Green Languages as part ofrepparttar 145134 layered meaning or codes in their work.

He married above his head when he became betrothed to a descendant of John Knox who founded Presbyterian Churches which might well have more than a Calvinist element of controlling people or managing society. He was a good person and did great work to educaterepparttar 145135 masses with his support of creating a Public Library. Those who suggest he was a forerunner of Nazism because of his desire to see a strong leader are missingrepparttar 145136 boat as I see it. There is nothing wrong with his concept of a beneficent leader who has near-to-total dictatorial power when it is compared withrepparttar 145137 lobbying cronyism of our so-called democratic systems. But he never saw a man who could be as good a leader (Peel for a while) as he would want to see in this role. I believe he genuinely wished for improvement and compassion between all life on earth. I do not acceptrepparttar 145138 theory that he beat his wife as what he said was a secret which would render all biographies about him rather useless.

Adolph Eichmann

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

ADOLF EICHMANN: - Talk about a web of deceit and gross manipulation of facts! He tried to makerepparttar world, andrepparttar 144601 British in particular, live up torepparttar 144602 Balfour Declaration that was arranged by Jewish participants in supportingrepparttar 144603 German defeat inrepparttar 144604 first war to and all wars. The rest ofrepparttar 144605 world is so politically correct and willing to blame anti-Semitism onrepparttar 144606 Germans who were willing to letrepparttar 144607 Jews go free and worked very hard to get a state of their own for them.. I think Arizona would have been a great place for them to develop a nation within a nation inrepparttar 144608 same wayrepparttar 144609 Palestinians could benefit from (orrepparttar 144610 Kurds) today. Why isrepparttar 144611 world so entranced with nations and borders? Canít we have other ways to govern efficiently such asrepparttar 144612 Economic Unions now taking power away from old archaic sovereign states founded on Divine Rights and Manifest Destiny?

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