God and the Hacker

Written by Wayne Patterson

My computer was recently hacked and infected with a virus. This virus caused some files to continuously write to my hard drive using up all of my free space. The computer would suddenly freeze and I would get a low disk space message. Since this only occurred when certain programs were started you can imagine my frustration. I am not a computer expert and it took me several days to figure outrepparttar problem. Then I spent several hours deletingrepparttar 126954 infected programs and several more hours restoring my operating system. Not exactly a fun way to spend a beautiful Saturday.

Alongrepparttar 126955 way I updated my obviously obsolete firewall and virus protection programs. The new scan eliminated several other viruses I had been unaware were infecting my computer. I had updated my operating system but had neglected to also update these programs and to be sure they were compatible withrepparttar 126956 new system. Another change wasrepparttar 126957 switch from a dial-up connection to DSL. Withrepparttar 126958 new connection my computer is always connected torepparttar 126959 internet. Untilrepparttar 126960 hacking occurrence, I was unaware ofrepparttar 126961 extreme nature ofrepparttar 126962 risk I was taking with my computer and sensitive personal information. You may want to read another hacker inspired article about identify theft, "What do You Mean I Am Not Me," that is available onrepparttar 126963 Scam Central page of our website.

While waiting for various programs to load, I was preparing forrepparttar 126964 next day's lesson since it was my turn to teach our Sunday School class. Midway throughrepparttar 126965 lesson I was struck byrepparttar 126966 similarity between ourselves and our computers.

Inrepparttar 126967 "Dial-up" mode we are connected torepparttar 126968 world only for short spurts of time. Our presence is not likely to be detected byrepparttar 126969 "Great Hacker." Since we do not accept many new things into our lives, we do not come into contact withrepparttar 126970 virus demons that can short-circuit our goals. As a result we allow our personal firewall to crumble and corrode. This happens when we stop going to church or praying on a regular basis. We lose contact with our Christian support group that has sustained us inrepparttar 126971 past. We are doing just fine on our own. God has no place in our daily lives and we only think of Jesus at Easter or Christmas. We have also picked up a few "minor" viruses. Maybe we drink too much, but only on special occasions. Perhaps we mistreat our family, but only once in a while. We have allowed these viruses to slip into our lives because we convince ourselves that they do not really interfere with our day to day operations.


Written by Shareef Ahmad

Some people believe that being rich, and having power is all that matters...some people believe that fulfilling some desires in un-calculated manners is all that matters...some people think that by IGNORING THE GOD AND THEIR DUTY TO HIM will make it go a way.

Some people follow conjectures, hearsay, leaders, Scholars, Imams and their ancestors blindly in an irresponsible way...the easy way that actually gives them false assurance, and false confidence that they are being onrepparttar right track.

Some people are very eager to argue in-spite of their ignorance....some people are eager to show-offrepparttar 126953 so little knowledge that they possess.

Some people think that by fooling themselves in not askingrepparttar 126954 essential, most important Questions in life, they are dodgingrepparttar 126955 GOD!

Some people think ( in many cases justifiably ) that so-called religion is a bad thing, and have serious complexity in that regard.

Some people commit terrible crimes and injustice inrepparttar 126956 name of this religion or that religion.

Some people commit crimes inrepparttar 126957 name of freedom and democracy.

Some people abuse people inrepparttar 126958 name of socialism, and some people enslave people inrepparttar 126959 name of capitalism.

Some people are experts in usingrepparttar 126960 truth ( saying some truth ) to advance much more falsehood.

Some people claim to believe in GOD...but in reality they don't...they are being hypocrites, similarly some people claim that they would embracerepparttar 126961 truth when it is presented to them...but they NEVER do.

Some people think that they are wayyyyy too smart to believe inrepparttar 126962 existence of GOD, SATAN, day-after, angels, messengers, or scripture.

Some people worship, Jesus, some worship Muhammad, some worship Ali, some worship a Cow, some worship themselves, some worship money, Women, Leaders, country etc, etc.

Some people worship Satan by allowing him to control their mind and soul.

Some people hate, lie, false accuse, deceive, corrupt, and discriminate...some people have preconceived notions, some have bad intentions, some have bad attitudes and bad characters.

Some people Kill, and torture....some people enjoy other people's sufferings.

Some people think even if there is a GOD...he is NOT aware of all that is happening or he is an unjust GOD.

Some people are oblivious torepparttar 126963 chaos, corruption and injustice that is happening to them and to others all overrepparttar 126964 world....and even if they did...they just could not care less.

Some people have lost their sense of reality, living in an illusion...daydreaming in a make believe.

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