God Is Love

Written by Alan Tutt

God Is Love by Alan Tutt http://www.KeysToPower.com

God is Love, and so being, can only be reached through Love.

A friend and I were talking recently aboutrepparttar Power of Prayer and why it is so important to holdrepparttar 122200 feeling of Love while praying. The reason that most people don't getrepparttar 122201 answers they seek in prayer is because they pray while feeling hurt, angry, lonely, or guilty.

Prayer is more thanrepparttar 122202 act of making temporary contact with God, however, and every moment of our day counts towardsrepparttar 122203 overall 'prayer' of our lives.

When most of us think about God, we think about an Infinite Being, with Infinite Love, Wisdom, and Power. Few of us ever acknowledgerepparttar 122204 Divine nature ofrepparttar 122205 people and things we experience daily. And yet, with a little logic, we reachrepparttar 122206 understanding that everyone and everything we encounter is an expression of God.

Let's consider this for a moment, and see where it leads. I'm surerepparttar 122207 result will astound you.

Most accepted creation stories begin somewhat like "Inrepparttar 122208 beginning, God createdrepparttar 122209 universe and everything in it." If God createdrepparttar 122210 universe and everything in it, what did He use to create it with? Since most of us will agree that God wasrepparttar 122211 only thing that existed beforerepparttar 122212 universe was created, then logic shows thatrepparttar 122213 only thing God could have used to createrepparttar 122214 universe was Himself. And so, God took a part of His own essence to createrepparttar 122215 universe and everything that exists today, including us.

This is one ofrepparttar 122216 basic teachings ofrepparttar 122217 Keys To Power. When you understand that you are a manifestation of God (created from God's own essence), you have a much easier time creating whatever experiences you want in your life through prayer. Students ofrepparttar 122218 Keys To Power will recognize thatrepparttar 122219 essence of God that was used to create everything was Power itself. This essence can be called anything, but since it isrepparttar 122220 basic Power we use to direct our lives, calling it Power is a matter of convenience.

But Power is notrepparttar 122221 only aspect ofrepparttar 122222 essence of God. Love and Wisdom are also 2 very important aspects of this perfect essence. And just as we are manifestations of God's Power, we are also manifestations of God's Wisdom and Love.

One ofrepparttar 122223 techniques inrepparttar 122224 Keys To Power system is to tap intorepparttar 122225 Infinite Wisdom of God. The only reason that this technique works is because we ourselves have all ofrepparttar 122226 qualities and characteristics of God within us. Thus, we haverepparttar 122227 capacity for Infinite Wisdom, and can make use of this to make wise choices in our lives. Not sure which job opportunity to take? Confused by allrepparttar 122228 choices of business opportunities that are available to you? Wondering if you should marryrepparttar 122229 person you've been dating? Tap intorepparttar 122230 Source of All Wisdom within you and find allrepparttar 122231 answers you need.

The question that comes uprepparttar 122232 most is "How do I tap intorepparttar 122233 Source of God within me?"

Growing up in a country that is primarily Christian oriented, most of my experience is with that religion. I also tend to run into more people who profess to follow this religion than any others. And so, I will use it mostly for my examples. Other religions usually have similar teachings, and so I will leave it torepparttar 122234 practitioners of these other religions to interpret what I say in terms of their own religion.

Inrepparttar 122235 Christian Bible,repparttar 122236 ministry of Jesusrepparttar 122237 Christ had 2 main components. Love and Faith. Christ taught that as long as we had faith, then whatever we asked for in prayer would be given to us. But He also said that we were to love everyone, but most importantly, to love God "with all your heart, with all your mind, and with all your soul".

Many of His followers were able to performrepparttar 122238 same miracles that He Himself performed - healingrepparttar 122239 sick, casting out 'devils' (curing mental illness as modern people would see it), and more. Considering this fact, thenrepparttar 122240 message that Christ was teaching must berepparttar 122241 central Key to tapping intorepparttar 122242 Power that we seek. And if this is so, then just by following these 2 simple principles we should be able to perform even minor miracles, such as increasing our financial prosperity, developing better health, creating harmonious relationships, and attaining peace of mind.

But as many people ask, "How do I have faith?"

This was a question I struggled with myself for many years. The question can be rephrased to be "How do I believe in something I've never experienced?" This question led to some startling answers. It came down to 2 options. Either 1, you simply choose to have faith, which means that you pretend that you believe, or 2, you hypnotize yourself into believing.

Many people are able to userepparttar 122243 first option, and in fact, most ofrepparttar 122244 New Thought Movement is based on this idea. Affirmations and affirmative prayer are both based onrepparttar 122245 idea that we can choose to believe in something we've not yet experienced. But these techniques are also somewhat hypnotic in nature. Students of most New Thought systems are taught to repeat their affirmations over and over again until they see results. The constant repetition is a standard hypnotic principle, very similar to how advertising persuades you to buy things you don't really need.

Creating the Perfect Life

Written by Alan Tutt

Creatingrepparttar Perfect Life by Alan Tutt http://www.KeysToPower.com

Thoughts create experience. If you've read anything about how to userepparttar 122199 Powers ofrepparttar 122200 Mind, you've come across this idea. You've probably read that if you want your life to change, you have to think positive thoughts and hold your focus on what you want. This isrepparttar 122201 basic concept behind all New Thought philosophy, and one ofrepparttar 122202 central themes ofrepparttar 122203 Keys To Power as well.

When I first learned about this principle, it sounded really good to me. After all, I had been looking forrepparttar 122204 secrets behindrepparttar 122205 miracles ofrepparttar 122206 (Christian) Bible. It also made a lot of sense. It was my understanding that God created mankind withrepparttar 122207 ability to dominaterepparttar 122208 Earth (physical reality), and if this wasrepparttar 122209 case, then where else would this Power be than inrepparttar 122210 mind? After all, we have all heardrepparttar 122211 quotes about faith. "If you hadrepparttar 122212 faith as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, be removed and be cast intorepparttar 122213 sea, and it will be done as you believe." There are a lot of quotes like that.

But it seemed as though no matter how much I thought about what I wanted, no matter how much I 'believed' that I would get it, or how intensely I focused my mind, it wouldn't work for me. Has that happened with your efforts? I know a lot of people who have hadrepparttar 122214 exact same experience. They either get nothing for their efforts, or they getrepparttar 122215 exact opposite of what they were working for.

Now that I've learnedrepparttar 122216 secret Keys to Power, I can tell you why this happens. Imagine that Power flows like water. This isrepparttar 122217 Power that God gives you to create your worldrepparttar 122218 way you want it. Now imagine that Power flowing into you, through your mind, and then out into your world. As Power is flowing through your mind, it is picking up your thoughts and feelings, your beliefs and your expectations, and a few other things. This is why your thoughts create your experiences. Because Power is picking up your thoughts and feelings as it flows from God into your world.

The reason we don't see this is because it doesn't happen instantly. What happens is that allrepparttar 122219 thoughts and feelings that we send out intorepparttar 122220 world have to wait until an opportunity to manifest comes up. So, at any particular point in time, you may have a few thousand thought-forms (the traditional term for thoughts which have been combined with Power) out there waiting to manifest! And those thought-forms could manifest at any time, depending onrepparttar 122221 situation you find yourself in.

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