God's People Are Destroyed For Lack of Knowledge

Written by Michael Bradley

These next two verses are extreme - and I mean extreme! These two verses are telling us that God's people are literally, and I mean literally, being destroyed for lack of knowledge. The second verse below says that God's people can literally go into captivity as a result of not havingrepparttar right amount of knowledge about something.

Godrepparttar 148280 Father is giving all of us a major warning withrepparttar 148281 ways that He has these two verses worded. A perfect example of these two verses in actual operation arerepparttar 148282 Muslim suicide bombers. Many of these suicide bombers are young kids. They have been brought up being brainwashed byrepparttar 148283 extremist element of Islam, and they really do think they are going straight to heaven if they are willing to blow themselves up and anyone else they can take with them.

This is a perfect example of these young kids being led into "captivity" as a result of not havingrepparttar 148284 appropriate knowledge to fully understand what they are getting into inrepparttar 148285 first place. And then when they actually take their own lives in these suicide bombings, they are literally being "destroyed" as a result of this lack of knowledge.

That is why seeking afterrepparttar 148286 knowledge of God is so important with allrepparttar 148287 crazy and demonic things that are going on in this world. Having God's knowledge on certain things, situations, different issues and topics is what can keep you from getting entangled into something that could end up turning deadly on you.

These two verses should be memorized by every Christian. Here they are:

  1. "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." (Hosea 4:6)
  2. "Therefore My people have gone into captivity, because they have no knowledge ..." (Isaiah 5:13)
If these two verses are telling us that not havingrepparttar 148288 knowledge of God operating in our lives could literally lead us into getting into some kind of captivity - not to mentionrepparttar 148289 possibility of getting us killed or thrown intorepparttar 148290 pits of hell when we die - thenrepparttar 148291 reverse is also true - that havingrepparttar 148292 knowledge of God operating in your life can help keep you out of serious trouble, help keep you free and possibly help lengthenrepparttar 148293 number of days that you can live down here on this earth.

4. Knowledge and Wisdom are Better than allrepparttar 148294 Material Things of This World

These next 7 verses are once again making a very radical statement. God is literally telling us thatrepparttar 148295 knowledge and wisdom that we can receive from Him is better and more valuable than allrepparttar 148296 silver, gold and rubies of this world. In other words,repparttar 148297 knowledge and wisdom that you can receive from God is better than allrepparttar 148298 material wealth that this world has to offer!

God then goes one step further in this first verse I will list below, and states that knowledge and wisdom is better than anything else you can possibly desire in this life! Think about how radical this statement really is givenrepparttar 148299 materialistic and money hungry society we live in.

Chicken Soup with Chopsticks (Excerpts from Chapter One)

Written by Jack Botwinik

Does God care if I marry a gentile?

Even as I started dating a Chinese girl, I knew I was embarking on a remarkable adventure. I just had no idea where and how farrepparttar adventure would take me. The more events unfolded,repparttar 148245 more I realized that my view ofrepparttar 148246 world and how I lived in it were being profoundly and permanently altered...

Ifrepparttar 148247 problem with marrying a gentile was that my religion prohibited intermarriage, why should that bother me? Perhaps not everything in Judaism made sense, and as an intelligent and thinking individual I could take from my heritage what I felt was meaningful and disregardrepparttar 148248 rest...

The possibility that God Himself does not want a Jew to marry a gentile is not something I recall being taught explicitly. This may be because, even though I believed in God in my own nebulous way, I didn’t take seriouslyrepparttar 148249 proposition that God authoredrepparttar 148250 Torah. For one thing, I considered many claims inrepparttar 148251 Torah absurd: thatrepparttar 148252 world is less than 6,000 years old, that Noah lived more than 900 years and built an ark to houserepparttar 148253 planet’s animals, and that a sea parted miraculously to enablerepparttar 148254 Hebrews to escape their Egyptian pursuers. As far as I was concerned, these were stories with possible moral messages but not actual facts. Ifrepparttar 148255 Bible were true, thenrepparttar 148256 theory of evolution, and much of science, must be wrong. In a world where humans went torepparttar 148257 moon, performed brain surgery, and saw and talked to people onrepparttar 148258 other side ofrepparttar 148259 planet, I had far more trust in what modern science presumed than in whatrepparttar 148260 Bible stated...

Quest for a Life Partner

I was expected to marry one of my people. Not to do so would be a shocking betrayal of my family. The prohibition against intermarriage was so ingrained that it was hardly an appropriate subject to bring up for a family discussion...

Whereas my siblings sought only Jewish spouses, I kept my options open. I was not convinced ofrepparttar 148261 necessity to restrict my search for a mate to those of my religion, especially as we constituted a tiny minority (a fraction of one percent) ofrepparttar 148262 human population. Moreover, I encountered females, from various religions and backgrounds, who were extremely nice, good-natured, and attractive. My motto about intermarriage, as in other areas of life, was “I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.”


Inrepparttar 148263 summer of 1994, three years after I left my parents’ home in Montreal and was living on my own in Toronto, I met Belinda. I was twenty-nine; she was twenty-five. We quickly became friends.

“Would you like to see my snake?” Belinda asked, as I dropped her off in front of her building.

My heart pounded and raced.

“Okay,” I heard myself saying. I knew that sooner or later she would show me her pet. I hadn’t reckoned it would be so soon.

Belinda ran inside and returned shortly with a tiny corn snake tucked into her sleeve. Once inrepparttar 148264 car, she let me hold it. It wasrepparttar 148265 first time I had held a snake. Instinctively, I applied my peripheral vision torepparttar 148266 clammy, slender creature in my palm, imagining it was some inanimate object.

Belinda reached for my other hand. “What do you think about our relationship?” she asked.

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