God's Name ... Creation and undoing!

Written by Edward B. Toupin

Overrepparttar past number of years, while going through my studies and research, information and answers come torepparttar 122302 surface that are most astounding. I have come to understand things differently than I was taught in years of Catholic schooling. Although, I still believe inrepparttar 122303 "bigger picture" and "something greater", it has taken on a different tone and context. It has turned from a fearful system of faith to a confident system of knowledge and thought.

One ofrepparttar 122304 many things I've thought about, as you can see from previous writings, isrepparttar 122305 existence of a single being or god --- God for many religions. Indeed,repparttar 122306 belief of having a singular being encapsulate all ofrepparttar 122307 wonders ofrepparttar 122308 Universe makes it much easier to live withrepparttar 122309 unanswered questions that we're all taught to accept in faith through fear-based religions. But, although I stray, my research and questions always come back torepparttar 122310 fact that there is one, singular being that does encapsulate these wonders --- it isrepparttar 122311 individual human being and their soul.

The soul isrepparttar 122312 wonder within us that we all tend to seek outside of ourselves. We're always looking for these "great answers" from a greater being whenrepparttar 122313 answers reside within. However, this brings up an interesting myth I had heard some years ago. It is said thatrepparttar 122314 God that so many religions worship has a name that is not known to human-kind. The story notes that, inrepparttar 122315 beginning, to initiaterepparttar 122316 creation ofrepparttar 122317 Universe, God's "true name" was spoken. However, if God's true name is spoken in reverse, it will undo all of creation.

An Ode to Morpheus

Written by Ambreen Ishrat

Another night and Morpheus has yet again to deliver my share of sleep and so I lie on my pillow, gazing atrepparttar ceiling fan, whilerepparttar 122301 rest ofrepparttar 122302 world is in deep slumber.

How I wish to have hypnotized myself to sleep as counting sheep never helps, nor does hot milk. The sandman's sand has also turned colourless. Another night it is when sleep deludes my weary eyes and my overactive brain refuses to stop dwindling onrepparttar 122303 scenes ofrepparttar 122304 day that has just ended and another one has started silently.

Sleep -repparttar 122305 boundary betweenrepparttar 122306 two days - is missing. What'srepparttar 122307 big deal, you must think, for every now and then, a sleepless night is quite a normal thing for everyone. But for some, this is an affliction that happens more often than usual. And what makes me hysterical isrepparttar 122308 feeling that on one such desperate night, you also tend to discover that you have run out of your emergency supply of sleeping pills. So much for my emergency-coping capabilities!

The value of sleep can only be known to an insomniac andrepparttar 122309 bliss that it brings to one who is weary in soul as well. For me, sleep is what always restores my sanity, which can wear offrepparttar 122310 effects of gruesome schedules, worries and complications. It is a happy escape intorepparttar 122311 land of Oz, where I can slip into for a few hours and then come back torepparttar 122312 familiar worrisome and often irksome daily routine. The problems remainrepparttar 122313 same, but my ability to cope with them certainly increases thrice-fold. Pimples onrepparttar 122314 tired skin reduce,repparttar 122315 sting of heartaches lessen and deadlines become graspable. Like a magical transformation, overnight my body gets charged with energy. The brain starts brimming with activated and regenerated neurons and I rise as a new person who takes uponrepparttar 122316 irksome hurdles of yesterday with horns and does away with them.

So silent seemsrepparttar 122317 world around me that I can hearrepparttar 122318 beating of my own heart. My weary eyes start to roam and scanrepparttar 122319 length and breadth ofrepparttar 122320 four corners ofrepparttar 122321 room. This is my room, my heaven, my prison and my hell. The walls wear my solitude like trophies and silence curls on my bed and encapsulates me like a shroud, where I lie with my hands resting neatly by my sides. I liftrepparttar 122322 palm of my hand and feel my own breath atrepparttar 122323 back of my hand - to seek reassurance that I am still alive and this isn'trepparttar 122324 silence ofrepparttar 122325 grave. And if that is not enough, my mind goes on speculating on and on as to why certain things happened. At night, my mind turns itself into a backyard cluttered with half-conceived and half-aborted ideas and plans that I keep on stumbling upon. Allrepparttar 122326 wonderful ideas and resolutions which flit like bats inrepparttar 122327 nook and crannies of my mind fade away on seeingrepparttar 122328 light of day. The mind is alsorepparttar 122329 graveyard of memories and remembrances, which are easily resurrected inrepparttar 122330 dead ofrepparttar 122331 twelfth hour. As morbidity tries to seize me, I kick my sheet off and get up, wishing no more to wait upon sleep or revel in thoughts ofrepparttar 122332 past, analysis ofrepparttar 122333 day just gone by and pipe dreams of tomorrow.

The chill getsrepparttar 122334 better of me and for one moment,repparttar 122335 warmth of my bed tempts me to snuggle back again. Butrepparttar 122336 body refuses to lay in monotony anymore. My mind swiftly scansrepparttar 122337 possibility of activities that can help me to kill time or to induce sufficient tiredness, forcing me to lull me back torepparttar 122338 peaceful sojourn of sleep. A book to read maybe, a long overdue letter that needs to be answered or I can hook onrepparttar 122339 net and explorerepparttar 122340 web. All options are considered and struck off one after another, as my tired body protests. Hence, I decide to just lie low and breatherepparttar 122341 surrounding silence in and out.

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