Go Offline and Increase Your Traffic

Written by Terri Seymour

Having an online business entails neverending online promotion, but do not forget to promote offline as well. There are many ways to spreadrepparttar word offline about your business. Try a few of these affordable and easy ideas. These ideas are simple, yet can bring your site many visitors.

Flyers - Design and print flyers right from your computer. Post them on bulletin boards at grocery stores, churches, malls, post offices, banks, etc. Use brightly colored paper to get people's attention. Makerepparttar 124486 message interesting enough so they want to visit your site.

WebDecals - Purchase a WebDecal for your car. Promote while running errands, shopping or wherever you have to go. They are easy to use and inexpensive.

Local Papers - Run your ads in local newspapers. You can usually get these at very reasonable rates. Ask your local paper if they would consider doing a story about your business. Local papers frequently do a write up for local business owners.

Business Cards - Always have business cards on hand. Stick one in your monthly bills when you mail them out, leave one onrepparttar 124487 table withrepparttar 124488 tip when you leave repparttar 124489 restaurant, stick them on bulletin boards, leave one wheneverrepparttar 124490 opportunity arises.

Internet Promotion: Off-Line Site Promotion

Written by Richard Lowe

Many of us spend an incredible amount of time advertising our site all overrepparttar internet. We spend weeks trying to get our sites listed properly inrepparttar 124485 search engines, submit to directories, pay for clicks and get advertisements in ezines. As with everything in life, some of this is successful and some of it is not.

Well, remember that a very important component of your internet promotional scheme is off-internet advertising. Why is this important? Most people actually spend some of their life away from their computers. I know that sounds fantastic, but it's true! There is more to life than email, browsing and newsgroups, after all!

Be sure and coordinate your on-line and off-line advertising efforts. Include your web site address and email address in all of your printed materials. This includesrepparttar 124486 following, among others.

Business cards - Business cards are very inexpensive. In fact, some internet companies have recently offered packs of 100 business cards for free to promote their printing services.

Stationery - If you write letters and send them throughrepparttar 124487 mails, remember to include your web site address on your letterhead.

Envelopes - Printing your internet contact information onrepparttar 124488 back of envelops is a great idea.

Post it notes - Post it notes are a little more expensive to print, but they make great give-aways at conventions and other similar places.

Brochures - A printed brochure which you can distribute might be a great idea.

T-Shirts - If you are looking for something to give away which advertises your site, try t-shirts. Anyone who wearsrepparttar 124489 shirt is advertising your site for free.

Print up a nice, cheap, good-looking flyer and hand it out whenever possible. When you can afford it, print up some brochures which tie back into your web site or internet business. Keep these handy for opportune moments.

Your advertising campaign can include many other areas.

- You can take out classifieds in magazines (tends to be expensive), newspapers or tabloids.

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