Go First Class!

Written by Kent E. Butler

What are your biggest worries when you go online to shop? The two thingsrepparttar majority of internet shoppers fear most are >> having their credit cards misused and abused, and >> paying for something but not getting it, or getting junk.

Before they're going to do business with you, they want to feel safe. Whether or not they do is pretty much up to you andrepparttar 117938 image you create of yourself and your business.

Being a class act - first class, of course - starts with your attitude. It includes your products or services, website, marketing effort, sales and delivery, customer service - you'd be right to include everything.

The image you project isrepparttar 117939 one you're stuck with, whether it's what you intended or not. If that image makes your shopper, your prospective customer, feel uncomfortable,repparttar 117940 chances of your making a sale are slim to none.

For example, there are two sure ways a company can kill my desire to buy anything from them: >> lie to me, or >> insult my intelligence.

Many car dealers do both routinely. They shout about selling their cars at or below "dealer invoice". That tells me two things right away: >>repparttar 117941 invoice is a fraud, and >> they think their prospects are idiots.

The term "invoice" impliesrepparttar 117942 amountrepparttar 117943 dealer paid forrepparttar 117944 car, and I guess we're supposed to believe it. How long would any company be in business selling their primary product at or below their actual cost?

Yelling at me doesn't help, either. And on-line, THIS IS YELLING!

You'd be doing very well for your business, and thus your future, by treating othersrepparttar 117945 way you wish to be treated. Sound familiar? Would you be more likely to do business with someone you feel you can trust, or someone who makes you uneasy? Me, too.

Avoiding Wired Mistakes

Written by June Campbell

You can't do anything onrepparttar Internet that you can't do in real life, butrepparttar 117937 Net lets you do it faster and in view of global audiences. When you're doing somewhat great, that's good. When you're making a gigantic mistake, it's less good. From a consumer's perspective, here's some suggestions that would help induce me to reach for my credit card.

Guideline #1: Your Web site should compliment your real-life business. As an example, I offer yourepparttar 117938 story ofrepparttar 117939 florist shop withrepparttar 117940 beautiful Web site. It was a couple of days before Christmas and I had left my shopping tillrepparttar 117941 last minute. An Internet search revealed a florist shop situated in my friend's home community. The Web site was excellent. Fast download, well laid out, easily navigated. Their floral designs were pictured onrepparttar 117942 site, identified by code numbers and with pricing information clearly visible. Obviously, it wasrepparttar 117943 work of a professional designer and obviously it was not done onrepparttar 117944 cheap. I was impressed. I copiedrepparttar 117945 phone number and dialed up to place my order. Then things got sticky. The salesperson didn't know there was a Web site, had no idea what floral arrangement I was trying to order, or at what price. If you're going torepparttar 117946 trouble of being onrepparttar 117947 Web, be sure that your sales personnel are giving a consistent message.

Guideline #2: Answer Your E-mail. If you are going to make your email address available to your customers, make sure that somebody answersrepparttar 117948 e-mail that you receive, and make sure thatrepparttar 117949 person who does this is knowledgeable and able to communicate through that medium. Nothing will tick your customers off faster than sending an email that is ignored. And please note:repparttar 117950 webmaster orrepparttar 117951 programmer in your organization is not usuallyrepparttar 117952 best person to be handling your marketing material or fielding questions about your product. You've gone to a lot of trouble to attract potential customers. Try not to annoy them too much through ineffective email practices.

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