Go Beyond The Headlines and Hype - Do Your Due Diligence!

Written by Gordon Bellows

Whether online or offline, we are constantly exposed to all sorts of headlines and hype that will try to grab our attention for one reason or another. It is important to go beyondrepparttar headlines andrepparttar 117731 hype, especially when it comes to business opportunities. The four examples below show that your first impression will often change oncerepparttar 117732 real story is known.

Example 1 - Angry Wife Uses Scissors on Naked Husband!

What do you think of when you see a headline like this? The real story is different thanrepparttar 117733 headline might lead you to believe. My wife is a medical professional, but she still likes to cut my hair at home. She cuts my hair as well as most barbers I have tried. One day, as I was preparing to get intorepparttar 117734 shower, she noticed thatrepparttar 117735 haircut fromrepparttar 117736 day before was not up to her usual high standards, which made her a little upset. She grabbed a pair of scissors to trim that one spot so that it would blend in withrepparttar 117737 rest. That's all there is torepparttar 117738 real story. This example clearly illustrates how a headline can be true, and yet very misleading. Headlines like this are a common tabloid tactic.

Example 2 - Only 50 Percent Chance For The Sun To Rise Tomorrow!

Would this headline get your attention? A few people might use twisted logic to tell you such a thing could be true. They say any event has a 50 percent chance of happening and a 50 percent chance of not happening. They might say it with such certainty that some people believe it without hesitation. The sun has been rising for at least thousands of years and any idea ofrepparttar 117739 sun not rising tomorrow is totally absurd. Some people might use twisted logic to influence you, so be careful about believing everything you read or hear before you check it out for yourself.

Example 3 - Any and All Credit Applications Are Accepted!

Would this statement from a radio ad get your attention? Suppose you wanted to buy a car and your credit rating wasn't too good. Would this ad make you think that your past credit problems won't matter? After all, a person with a friendly voice spokerepparttar 117740 words in this radio ad and they sounded so trustworthy. Some people may not realizerepparttar 117741 truth right away, butrepparttar 117742 radio ad said any and all credit applications would be accepted. Nothing was said aboutrepparttar 117743 chances ofrepparttar 117744 application being approved! The radio ad was truthful, but some people may understand something different than what was actually said.

Achieving Lift Off

Written by Allan Wilson


The Hardest Part Is Getting Started

Written by Allan Wilson

The theme andrepparttar name for this article was taken from a story someone told me about space travel.

You see when it comes to getting a rocket into spacerepparttar 117730 hardest part is inrepparttar 117731 Lift Off and breaking free ofrepparttar 117732 earth's gravity.

This is usuallyrepparttar 117733 most anxious time for all involved. Countless hours and many people have been working behindrepparttar 117734 scenes to get this rocket into space.

Finallyrepparttar 117735 tense moments ofrepparttar 117736 count down begins. 10... 9... 8... and so on until off it goes andrepparttar 117737 announcement is made "We Have Lift Off!"

Thenrepparttar 117738 struggle begins forrepparttar 117739 rocket to get offrepparttar 117740 ground. This rocket could have a journey, which will last many years in space, yet most ofrepparttar 117741 power and fuel used will be in just getting started.

As it struggles to leave earth's atmosphere tanks of fuel are burned up and discarded before it reachesrepparttar 117742 first vital point of its journey - space.

Then something amazing happens. There is no more gravity. No more huge burst of energy and fuel needed. The steering ofrepparttar 117743 craft becomes much easier and everyone back home inrepparttar 117744 control center breath a huge sigh of relief.

The hardest part is over -repparttar 117745 rocket is in space.

Sure there is still work to be done. However compared torepparttar 117746 beginning everything now almost runs in automatic.

The Astronauts even have time to see our planet from space and enjoyrepparttar 117747 view.

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