Go Ahead And Use That Copyrighted Material, It's Fair Use!

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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Go Ahead And Use That Copyrighted Material, It's Fair Use!

Copyright(c)2003 Stephen Bucaro

Most people would like to use a picture or some textual information they found onrepparttar 117301 Web, but they assume that copyright law prevents them from doing so. The copyright law provides a "fair use" exception that permits you to legally use copyrighted material for many purposes.

You can legally use copyrighted music, pictures, and textual information that you find onrepparttar 117302 Web for purposes such as critical review, news reporting, teaching or training materials, or a research report. This type of use is not a copyright infringement.

Copyright law does not precisely define fair use. Determination of whether a use is fair use is made on a case-by-case basis, determined byrepparttar 117303 following factors:

* The purpose and character ofrepparttar 117304 use.

Examples of fair use are quoting passages for a critical review, a news report, a parody or satire, to illustrate a lesson, or a research report.

Fair use is very liberal for non-profit educational purposes. But using copyrighted material in for-profit training materials is much more restricted. In this case, you need to get permission to userepparttar 117305 material fromrepparttar 117306 copyright owner.

The use of a copyrighted character in a parody ofrepparttar 117307 performance thatrepparttar 117308 character appears in is fair use. Don't use a copyrighted character to parody a different topic.

* The nature ofrepparttar 117309 copyrighted material.

Fair use is very liberal when quoting factual material in editorials, news reports, and research reports. Using quotes from non-fictional or creative material is much more restricted. In that case, stick to short quotes for critical review, or get permission to userepparttar 117310 material fromrepparttar 117311 copyright owner.

* The portion used in relation torepparttar 117312 material as a whole.

Use of only a small portion of a copyrighted work forrepparttar 117313 purposes mentioned above is usually fair use. The part ofrepparttar 117314 material you use should also be only a small portion ofrepparttar 117315 new work you are creating.

Make sure thatrepparttar 117316 small portion that you are using is notrepparttar 117317 most significant part ofrepparttar 117318 copyrighted material. Even thoughrepparttar 117319 part you use may be only a small portion ofrepparttar 117320 material, if it isrepparttar 117321 heart ofrepparttar 117322 work, that would be infringement. There is no clearly defined definition as to what portion of a workrepparttar 117323 use of is infringement.

* The effect onrepparttar 117324 value ofrepparttar 117325 copyrighted work.

Make sure thatrepparttar 117326 part ofrepparttar 117327 work you use does not make your new work substitutable forrepparttar 117328 copyrighted work. If so, that is an infringement because it has reducedrepparttar 117329 marketability ofrepparttar 117330 copyrighted work.

=> Using Pictures of People

Use of a person's picture in a news story is fair use. You can userepparttar 117331 person's picture even if that person has only a minimal connection torepparttar 117332 news story. You can use a person's picture in an article on a subject of general public interest.

The Couch Potato Critic

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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By Stephen Bucaro

This is an idea I've had for a while about a Web business. I don't know if it's a good idea - you berepparttar 117300 judge. You are free to use this idea because I won't haverepparttar 117301 time to use it myself.

Picture a Web site titled "Couch Potato Critic". The header displays a photo of you, laying on your sofa, bathing inrepparttar 117302 glow of your big screen TV, with a beer or pop can in one hand andrepparttar 117303 remote control inrepparttar 117304 other.

The Web site content is your articles criticizing TV shows and commercials. I'm not talking about critiques from an entertainment "expert", that's been done. I'm not talking about Hollywood gossip, that's been overdone. I'm talking aboutrepparttar 117305 opinions of "beer can Joe" or "soda pop Sally".

Who on earth would care aboutrepparttar 117306 opinions of beer can Joe or soda pop Sally? Advertisers and network executives, and anyone who is a TV junkie or can't get enough trivia about their favorite TV show.

The fact is advertisers and network executives pay a ton of money for demographics and studies trying to find out what beer can Joe and soda pop Sally are thinking. That's becauserepparttar 117307 majority ofrepparttar 117308 TV viewing audience hasrepparttar 117309 beer can Joe and soda pop Sally mentality. Beer can Joe and soda pop Sally arerepparttar 117310 people who purchase those products advertised in TV commercials.

On your Web site's "About" page, present your qualifications to be a TV critic: overweight college dropout with slightly below average IQ who spends 40 hours or more per week in a mental haze in front ofrepparttar 117311 TV set, occasionally nodding off. If a TV commercial can get it's message through to you, it's a marketing success.

This might be your findings: many TV commercials are too creative. After you've seenrepparttar 117312 commercial, you have no idea whatrepparttar 117313 product was! Every TV commercial should haverepparttar 117314 same pattern: show a sad person, presentrepparttar 117315 product or service, show person usingrepparttar 117316 product or service, show a happy person.

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