Written by Slawek

ABOUT GLOBALIZATION My Dear: It was still inrepparttar 20th century whenrepparttar 132533 Polish weekly "Wprost" published an article titled "The opponents of globalization - who are they?" Let me ponder what too an average person, GLOBALIZATION is. 

Here it comes: GLOBALIZATION, orrepparttar 132534 search forrepparttar 132535 means to satisfy at all costs…or, in practice, expanding ad infinitum our ambitions.  YES! Our numbers are ever increasing and we want more and more for us and only US! The problem is that in this process, we lose ourselves, our identity.

America leads in everything, now it imparted itself onrepparttar 132536 whole world and we, like monkeys in a sandbox, we push sand from one spot to another, vocalizing louder than our fellow monkeys and understanding even less. We cannot afford to open our eyes and realize how much we are not ourselves, to what extent we are gone. Do you have a feeling that withrepparttar 132537 help of our own handsrepparttar 132538 world turns into a mere comic book? In it, there are schwarzenegers, and other rambos in which we find ourselves, althoughrepparttar 132539 sense of WE is missing. Looking at all that is close to our hearts,repparttar 132540 human rights, environment, love, democracy,repparttar 132541 Pope, etc., we only seerepparttar 132542 new form ofrepparttar 132543 comic book and ourselves only through and within it. From time to time words ‘the Pope’ slip out of someone’s mouth, but we are not capable anymore of a reflection on whatrepparttar 132544 Pope said! You’ll tell me that I rage on and still my point is not clear at all.

For a few years I’ve been watching creation of ever-bigger companies, American and international. Engulfing became a new sport. One ingests another. Globalization applies torepparttar 132545 press, TV stations,repparttar 132546 Internet, medicine,repparttar 132547 streets, mercantile exchanges, houses where you pay for love, homes without love, and homes of crime. Not only in our home, but also in homes of those who got torepparttar 132548 top, thanks to yet another hiccup ofrepparttar 132549 newly created beast, everywhere bubbles Globalization. I’ve seen many highly paid experts in their respective professions lose their job without a chance of finding another, as they got too high onrepparttar 132550 pay scale. They are replaced with young people, fresh out of college, for a third ofrepparttar 132551 pay of their predecessors. The world is then fedrepparttar 132552 news ofrepparttar 132553 savings, profits, successes, ‘the firsts’, globalization…

Such isrepparttar 132554 stale hiccup of our times. A few giants expandingrepparttar 132555 absorptive power of their pockets eliminaterepparttar 132556 stinking excess of undigested, and increasingly uniform chow. The only loser isrepparttar 132557 consumer, asrepparttar 132558 marketed product gets worse and worse. Why is it getting worse? The new hires don’t have too much of an idea what they are doing andrepparttar 132559 few nouveaux riches of globalization saddles them up and rides them by forcingrepparttar 132560 new hires to perform at a yet impossible for them level (just as a 5 year old boy can’t be expected to have a child with a girl ofrepparttar 132561 same age; this is justrepparttar 132562 situation which results from globalization as observed from employee’s backyard; inrepparttar 132563 US, it pops into view in all walks of life. This is why I get so irate atrepparttar 132564 journalistic ‘pseudo thoughts’ never understanding what they spew around, American style.

What Would You DO for a Klondike Bar - OR "National Security?"

Written by LadyCamelot

What would you do for a Klondike Bar? If you've ever seenrepparttar antics of these cleverly and comedically devised commercials, you would be aware of what people would be willing to do forrepparttar 132532 tasty, delicious treat.....BUT, what would you do for sake of National Security? Nearly stripped fromrepparttar 132533 pages of a sci-fi novel, comes an all, too incredible story of real, life-altering technology. Modifyingrepparttar 132534 course of civilization as we know it, "Applied Digital Solutions," creator of "Verichip," is purportedly and actively developing applications for this controversial product for National defense organization -- Department of Homeland Security. According to company press releases,repparttar 132535 Verichip (dubbedrepparttar 132536 "Human Barcode") is an implantable device aboutrepparttar 132537 size of a grain of rice. Composed of a microchip within a glass and silicone cylinder, Verichip may ultimately becomerepparttar 132538 Human social security number ofrepparttar 132539 future. Not just a form of simple identification, Verichip can ultimately contain retrievable information regarding detailed medical and financial history. And future capabilities are indicative of having GPS - encoded technology (Global Positioning Surveillance), and photographic memory record details. Currently, Verichip is a trial-by-use, or "voluntary" injection only. However,repparttar 132540 US Government, working in conjunction withrepparttar 132541 makers of these chips, are "encouraging" usage of them -- of course for "your own security," and "medical purposes." The first family to have Verichip installed (yes, I didn't stutter -- "installed") was a family in Boca Raton, Florida. Both parents, injected with a Verichip, watched as their 14-year old son was injected withrepparttar 132542 chip as well. Another perspective ofrepparttar 132543 Verichip, is that it raises questions of whether or not parents should haverepparttar 132544 right to have their children injected with these little, digital devices. Although parents may fingerprint and now, even take DNA swabs of chidrens' saliva in case of abduction purposes -- at what point does "protection" become noninvasive; or inrepparttar 132545 case of Verichip installation, intrusive? Advocates for this new and disturbing technology will counterattack claims of privacy invasion, and “Big Brother” supervision by stating how beneficial it is to National Security and "your own safety," but who is actually benefiting from this minute contraption? In lieu of September 11, a Nation stood at arms inrepparttar 132546 wake of unfolding tragedy. Sporadically, our so-called Homeland Security elevates National security levels to different degrees -- just so we become more aware of unseen "terror threats. " And of course Veterinarians andrepparttar 132547 Humane Society or SPCA actively promoterepparttar 132548 use of these tiny mechanisms, so we can "track our animals," should they ever become lost or stolen. Correctional systems acrossrepparttar 132549 country have interests inrepparttar 132550 Verichip, as it would simplifyrepparttar 132551 monitoring system and do away withrepparttar 132552 use of ankle bracelets. Then there'srepparttar 132553 medical "benefit." Who would want to be without a chip that tells emergency workers your medical history if you're ever involved in an accident where you are unconscious or aren't breathing? In this case, I don't honestly believe that EMTs are going to be pulling out a scanning rod to check for a Verichip. More than likely, they'll be working steadfastly on reviving you and pulling you from death's clutches. So, on a medical standpoint,repparttar 132554 Verichip serves no purpose in emergency treatment as it so proclaims. Additionally, supporters will make assertions on how crucial this apparatus would be in responding to military crash victims. Rescue and recovery will berepparttar 132555 next targeted proclamation -- as it will save lives. In retrospect, this would be true -- however, military or governmental rescue and recovery operations are never as they seem. If you can recallrepparttar 132556 Space Shuttle Challenger's tragic demise inrepparttar 132557 mid 1980s, NASA's prime focus was indeed rescue and recovery. It's main goal was to retrieve Challenger's vital onboard "package" that cost US taxpayers millions, (if not billions) of dollars. This immediate "rescue and recovery" mission never entailed rescue and recovery ofrepparttar 132558 ill-fated crew. Yes -- Unfolding before our eyes, isrepparttar 132559 prioritization of Verichip's "real" intentions.

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