Global/Israeli Corruption!

Written by Maureen Metcalf

What depth of blind insanity has inflicted itself upon Israel's politicians, and such as George W. Bush and Condoleeza Rice?!!?? So, in order to bring about disarray withinrepparttar ranks of those opposingrepparttar 149706 Disengagement, a specially trained "Gestapo/KGB type" unit is to be deployed a week beforerepparttar 149707 Withdrawal begins, to totally disarmrepparttar 149708 "settlers," and to drag protest leaders from their beds inrepparttar 149709 middle ofrepparttar 149710 night.. It would appear then, thatrepparttar 149711 authorities have identified whorepparttar 149712 protest leaders are, where they reside, andrepparttar 149713 magnitude of their "threat" torepparttar 149714 Withdrawal! Obviously, they expect a great deal of resistance! I hope their prediction is accurate! The resistance must become even more organized, so that everyone knows what they must do, regardless of whetherrepparttar 149715 protest leaders are incarcerated or not! What they fail to comprehend, is that those apprehended will in fact become hero's, strengtheningrepparttar 149716 resolve and bravery ofrepparttar 149717 anti-withdrawal folk. But what is worrisome, isrepparttar 149718 fact that police and military heavy-handed tactics are being proposed at all! Ariel Sharon obviously feelsrepparttar 149719 residents of Gush Katif andrepparttar 149720 Shomron are now to be considered enemies of Israel, and are to be treated as such! But while he gives orders to incarcerate peaceful Israeli citizens who loverepparttar 149721 Land, guns are being awarded torepparttar 149722 enemy PA, to "encourage them." Disarm and incarcerate law-abiding, loyal citizens, and arm their enemies!! Did Sharon and his henchmen have an identity swap while they were sleeping one dark night? Have they been switched to become "Palestinians?" Or is it perhaps what they have been eating for breakfast? How does one win, or avert, a war? Apparently,repparttar 149723 strategy is to disarm your own citizens who have indicated by both word and action that they will not resort to violence against their own officials, to make certain they cannot defend themselves, even against true enemies such as hostile terrorist Palestinians, who everyone now agrees may userepparttar 149724 Withdrawal proceedings to stage attacks. Terrorize innocent families inrepparttar 149725 middle ofrepparttar 149726 night. And, atrepparttar 149727 same time, "encourage"repparttar 149728 real enemies by arming them! Now, that's a novel way to defeat one's enemies!! After all, enemies need allrepparttar 149729 "encouragement" they can get!! Right? Oh yes!! Inform everyone thatrepparttar 149730 PA has become peaceful in intent, becauserepparttar 149731 atrocities have "slowed-down," even though they have still not taken decisive steps to permanently disarmrepparttar 149732 terrorists. Even one rocket attack, one bombing attempt, one suicide mission plot, is still an act of terror! Sincerepparttar 149733 so-called cease-fire agreement of Sharm el Sheik,repparttar 149734 attacks have continued! Would someone like to please enlighten us as to what constitutes a cease-fire?


Written by Maureen Metcalf

As we reel fromrepparttar news ofrepparttar 149705 recent bombings in London, England, it is incumbent upon all of us to examine, seriously, why such attacks by Islamic Extremists are occurring. We cannot combat what we do not understand, let alone try to wage an effective war against such an insidious enemy. First of all, it must be pointed out that this terrorist war againstrepparttar 149706 West is not simplyrepparttar 149707 random acts of extremist thugs. Rather, we are dealing with a well-orchestrated jihad that has clearly defined purpose. The goal ofrepparttar 149708 terrorists is toward Islamic world domination throughrepparttar 149709 annihilation of Israel, and eventually to dismantle all forms of governance who they perceive to be democratic or "Christian." The strategy to reach this goal is not a recent phenomenon, but has been on-going for many years; and insidiousness inrepparttar 149710 form of gorilla attacks is one of their most effective tactics. ie. The terrorist attacks have been on-going inrepparttar 149711 Middle East since before Israel became a nation in 1948, and continue daily right up torepparttar 149712 present by avowed Islamic organizations who desire to annihilate Israel from repparttar 149713 world map. If we have any hope to eliminaterepparttar 149714 terrorist threat, we must start withrepparttar 149715 terrorism being perpetrated against Israel, becauserepparttar 149716 terrorist groups active inrepparttar 149717 Middle East are interconnected with what is transpiring world-wide. "Firstrepparttar 149718 Saturday people, thenrepparttar 149719 Sunday people" is not simply an extremist slogan, but is a strategy of war having two pincher-prongs, and we just witnessed one prong of this strategy in action yesterday in London. Meanwhile,repparttar 149720 other prong is being clamped onrepparttar 149721 world inrepparttar 149722 Middle and Far East, and Africa. But has anyone honestly been paying attention torepparttar 149723 threats inrepparttar 149724 Middle East, and particularly in Israel, as recently as this week? Has anyone been followingrepparttar 149725 on-going diatribes by Islamic Imams in Iran, Syria, in Israel, and even in London? Has anyone taken note ofrepparttar 149726 content ofrepparttar 149727 Palestinian TV programs directed toward Arab youth, orrepparttar 149728 programs ofrepparttar 149729 Palestinian summer camps set up in honor of shahids? Has anyone taken note that atrepparttar 149730 same time, Christians are under constant Islamic threat, attack, and persecution in Indonesia, Pakistan, Iran, Darfur, Nigeria, and many other nations with a strong, large Islamic population, while their leaders appear to decry such? These all appear to be disconnected events, but are they? To understand, we need only read recent comments byrepparttar 149731 leaders of Hamas, Hizbullah, and Islamic Jihad, regarding their goals. Unfortunately, this information is not available through our main-stream media inrepparttar 149732 West. Although it is easily found, our media dutifully chooses to ignorerepparttar 149733 sources, torepparttar 149734 peril of all of us. It is timerepparttar 149735 politicians inrepparttar 149736 West, andrepparttar 149737 general public, became informed. We need to set aside our "separation of religion and state" attitude in dealing with world problems, becauserepparttar 149738 Islamic Jihad forces do not operate in such a mode! They have no qualms about harbouring animosity against those of other faiths. They are NOT in favour of multiculturalism and peaceful co-existence! The sooner we recognize this,repparttar 149739 better, because our lofty democratic attitudes, although great on paper, fall apart when dealing with ideologies that do not embrace our politically-correct ideals. Our media is influenced by our own idealism. And our understanding of our avowed enemies is severely hampered byrepparttar 149740 public lack of information. Our westernized view ofrepparttar 149741 world from our insulated democratic towers can no longer provide security, but is actually tying our hands, and endangering our citizens. We are not dealing with a passing tempest in a teapot, nor with madmen. The forces behindrepparttar 149742 jihad are intelligent, andrepparttar 149743 planning and execution of their attacks is brilliant. Their motivation is unadulterated religious-political fervour. The sooner we understand this,repparttar 149744 better! Why is Palestinian leader Abbas accused of being weak by his rivals, yet is being courted byrepparttar 149745 West? Is he, in fact, weak? Or, is there a strategy of deception going on? Abbas has no intention of totally disarmingrepparttar 149746 terrorists, even though he

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