Global Economy and Small Business

Written by Rodney Ringler

The global economy, if used properly, can benefit many small businesses by providing a worldwide marketplace for their goods or services, and it can also be a resource for buying cheaper goods and services. Most companies focusrepparttar benefits ofrepparttar 150307 internet on acquiring new customers and cheaper goods, but not services. Small businesses still look locally for graphic designers, media kits, marketing consultants, printing services, programmers, and all sorts of services that can be found throughrepparttar 150308 internet with less cost and time and more control overrepparttar 150309 output.

The internet is a great resource for services of all kinds. You can find graphic designers, programmers, administrative assistance, marketing consultants, etc. There are people skeptical of having a graphic designer or programmer do a job for them without speaking or meeting them directly. I have actually found that business is quicker and more efficient without face to face and phone conversations. Email and instant messaging are very effective forms of communications that create 2 benefits onrepparttar 150310 outsourcing world.

First, in a meeting or conversation a lot of energy is spent with introductions and formalities. In an IM conversation most ofrepparttar 150311 pleasantries are skipped and it is a very concise conversation. Directly torepparttar 150312 point.

The second benefit is clear project descriptions. When you outsource throughrepparttar 150313 internet you are forced to describe exactly what you want. This forces you to thoroughly evaluate what you want and write it down in detail. This inevitably spurs decisions on many smaller details that are often brushed over in face to face business meetings. At first people see this as a hard task, but in reality it is very easy. I will show some examples later. Also, if you cannot describe it in an email are you sure that you know what you want?

The also prevents miscommunications. In face to face and phone conversations we talk through ideas and options. A lot of times each party is left with a different impression of exactly what is wanted. Then when there is a difference in expectations there is no written record of what was discussed. By describing it in detail in an email there is no miscommunication on what is being requested or promised.

The next response is how do I describe to a graphic artist what kind of a website design I want or marketing consultant what kind of Media kit I want? This is a lot easier then you think. Start with a high level description ofrepparttar 150314 project and work your way down torepparttar 150315 details. Include statements around color themes and overall impressions. Saying “I want a brochure that has a professional business look with a jazzy style and sunset colors”, gives a graphic artist a lot to work with and allows you to succinctly describe overall what you want.

Next, work your way downrepparttar 150316 requirements. We need these bullets and prices; we want this description or photos used, etc. You will be impressed at how well a contractor can take a 5-6 line description and turn it into what you want.

The next 2 questions people have are how do I find people and how do I know who is good? Let’s start with where to find resources. There are to main sources for resources besides word or mouth, which is usuallyrepparttar 150317 best resource possible if available. Otherwise, there are forum boards and freelancing websites. There are 1000’s of Forum boards onrepparttar 150318 internet concerning every topic you can image. If you find a large popular forum forrepparttar 150319 service you need you will find a group of workers waiting to fulfill your request. You can usually post your project or ask for help. Sometimes these communities are filled with ametuers and you should use some scrutiny in selecting someone. Another popular way to use forums is to create a Contest. Postrepparttar 150320 project as a contest and set a winning price. People will compete for your project. You will get multiple designs to choose from and can setrepparttar 150321 price you want to pay. I recently ran a contest for a professional Media Kit for an advertising campaign. We postedrepparttar 150322 project on one of our favorite forum boards for $200 and received 11 designs to choose from. We liked several but not onerepparttar 150323 best. We tookrepparttar 150324 best of each and hadrepparttar 150325 closest entry modify theirs accordingly. We received exactly what we wanted, forrepparttar 150326 price we wanted, and we had 11 designs to choose from. From writing-uprepparttar 150327 project description, to postingrepparttar 150328 contest, and reviewingrepparttar 150329 entries, I spent 2 hours on this effort. Aboutrepparttar 150330 same time asrepparttar 150331 average business meeting including driving; Pretty efficient.

Attracting Extra Web Hosting Customers By Targeting Cities, i.e. New York Web Hosting

Written by Rodney Ringler

Web hosting companies are constantly onrepparttar lookout to find new ways to attract visitors to their websites. One avenue that many web hosts miss is targeting visitors who are searching for web hosting by city, such as New York Web Hosting, by state, such as California Web Hosting, or by country, such as Canada Web Hosting. These 3 pages show examples of pages that review and provide information on web hosting companies in those cities.

These searchers are looking for a hosting company in a particular city, state, or country, but givenrepparttar 150306 proper message they can often be convinced to try your hosting company. Afterall, givenrepparttar 150307 nature ofrepparttar 150308 web hosting industry,repparttar 150309 actual location of your web hosts is not that important. The datacenter they use andrepparttar 150310 support team are reallyrepparttar 150311 2 most important items.

The next question is how to target these searchers and turn them into visitors to your website. Like any good search engine advice….Content, Content, Conent. The thing to remember is that every page of good content will be found by search engines, not just your homepage. Add a page to your website that

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