Giving the power back to the people

Written by Voterman

Voterman- defender ofrepparttar just uniter ofrepparttar 125959 people, together with will be fighting to take backrepparttar 125960 government from corporate lobbyists, special interest groups, and dishonest politicians.

Too many labels divide our voting power. What labels? Party affiliation, class, race, sex, age, and religion. “If 100 million plus Americans voted together by focusing onrepparttar 125961 major issues, at one specific place, they would get what they needed. Congress would have no choice but to giverepparttar 125962 people what they demanded, or they’d be out of a job just like inrepparttar 125963 real world. How else are Americans going to get what they need unless they vote together?” will unite Americans by providing them with a voting-based website where all citizens can vote together onrepparttar 125964 big issues that affect their daily lives. I encourage Americans to vote together, to get what they need and deserve from their government, regardless of labels that continue to divide us.

Americans can choose their next president based on one major issue. That issue is an affordable national healthcare and prescription

Conservatives Should Consider The Libertarian Party

Written by Jean Fritz

The late Ronald Reagan embodiedrepparttar soul of classic liberalism – that’s right, Reagan was a liberal. His unbridled optimism and faith inrepparttar 125958 power ofrepparttar 125959 individual to live his or her life independently, solve problems, and function as a contributing member of society, and his determination to expandrepparttar 125960 cause of freedom restrained only by morality are hallmarks of whatrepparttar 125961 term “liberal” actually means. However, just as socialists usurpedrepparttar 125962 term “liberal” and transformed its meaning to designate a person or party which supports larger, more intrusive government as a mechanism for peace and “prosperity”, Reagan utilizedrepparttar 125963 philosophical underpinnings of classic liberalism to form today’s conservative movement.

Since Reagan, many Republican politicians have donnedrepparttar 125964 “conservative” mantle without an understanding of what wearing that title entails. As a result, both federal and state governments have grown larger, require more of your tax money to exist, and created more cavernous deficits. Even our current president struggles to maintainrepparttar 125965 interest of a conservative base while creating his newest entitlement program which expandsrepparttar 125966 fiscal black hole known as Medicare. Just asrepparttar 125967 Democratic Party abandoned Ronald Reagan,repparttar 125968 Republican Party appears to have abandoned conservatives.

Social and fiscal conservatives do have a viable alternative, and that isrepparttar 125969 Libertarian Party. Libertarianism was initially a reaction against Soviet rule in Russia and eastern Europe, but as our own government grows increasingly more intrusive, more expensive and less effective in its originally defined jobs (defense and law enforcement), Libertarians have discovered a rising popularity in our own country.

Libertarians believe that all power begins withrepparttar 125970 individual and flows up, rather than flowing fromrepparttar 125971 top down. They understand that defense and law enforcement are best done on a collective basis, and support a strong, well-trained and well-funded military, as well asrepparttar 125972 checks and balances we have today in our criminal justice system. However, they do not believe thatrepparttar 125973 FEDERAL government should be responsible for allocating state funds for education, funding for roads based uponrepparttar 125974 state’s “drunk driving” standards, or feeding, housing, clothing and medicating every man, woman and child comprisingrepparttar 125975 loudest voting block during an election year.

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